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best 1-6x scope

Alright, listen up! Why bother with a 1-6x scope? Well, let’s put it this way: because you need a buddy. But not your average buddy, but the type of friend who’s a pro at coaxing out the finest version of who you are.

It’s that kind of buddy who makes sure your missed shots end up into an internal dialogue that goes like: “Did I just discover a new sport called ‘Aimless Artistry’ or completely miss the mark?”, ultimately forcing you to improve and leaving you in your shooting prowess. After all, it’s not the scope’s fault—it’s your aim that needs the pep talk!

From tactical showdowns that make action movies jealous to big-game hunting that’d make even Tarzan proud, this scope doesn’t just handle it—it owns it!

One of the top qualities of a 1-6x scope is its exceptional versatility, seamlessly transitioning between close-range fast target acquisition at 1x magnification and delivering precise long-range shots at 6x magnification.

Ahead, I’ve gathered a quick roundup of the best 1-6x scope out there. Stick around to discover why these bad boys snagged a spot on my VIP list!

Why a 1-6x Scope?

Why, you ask? Ever had your target (let’s say a deer) glance at its watch, let out a yawn, and start a nail filing session while you struggle with anything other than a 1-6x scope? It’s like they’re mocking us—“Oh, look, there’s Bob again with his ‘almost gotcha’ shots. C’mon, Bob, we believe in you… well, at least in this realm!” It’s time to give that deer a show, not a spa day. With a 1-6x scope, you’ll have that deer in awe, not yawning!

An LPVO, or low power variable optic (also known as an LPV scope), is like the Swiss Army knife of scopes. It’s your go-to when you’re in tight spots, offering quick target acquisition and a wide view for those “up close and personal” moments, usually within the length of a football field.

So, what makes a 1-6x scope special? Picture this: red dots are the Usain Bolts, lightning-fast in close-quarters combat up to 100 yards, like a sprinter on a sugar rush. Then there’s the 1-4x scope—your track star, perfect for mid-range shooting with that fixed 4x magnification, nailing those precise shots.

But here’s the fun part: enter the 1-6x low power variable optic, the all-terrain vehicle in this race. It’s like the adventurous cousin of the 1-4x scope, with that 1x to 6x variable magnification, tackling close-ups and hitting targets at 400 yards like it’s no biggie.

The 1-6x is like the sweet spot in the LPVO world, bridging the gap between the 1-4x and 1-8x scopes. It’s that perfect balance, giving you just the right magnification without turning your gear into a lead weight or costing an arm and a leg. Plus, it’s the master of balancing eye relief and eye box demands, offering some pretty neat optical performance even at maximum power.

Best 1-6x Scope

Hey there, buddies! I’ve sifted through the haystack of 1-6x scopes to pluck out the shiniest gems—so you can save that brainpower for more important stuff, like deciding what snack to munch on while you read!

I have analyzed everything from reticle options to weight and included extras to help you figure out how they measure up against each other.

1. Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24mm Riflescope (Top Pick)

Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24

“Ah, behold the majestic LEUPOLD VX-6HD 1-6X, reigning supreme not just as a fantastic LPVO but also moonlighting as a trusty shotgun sight. It’s the King, ruling with durability, reliability, and a slew of incredible features that’ll make you say ‘Take my money’… and it will.

Wait, what? Sure thing. Because let’s face it, quality comes with a price tag that screams ‘ouch.’

But hey, with its Professional-grade Optical System, HD performance, and Guard-Ion lens coating, you get a sight picture so good, that it practically gives you a high-five from the edge of the FOV! And you forget about the money spent when you see roasted meat on your metal grate.

And hold onto your hats, folks, because Leupold brought tech to the party! With MST (Motion Sensor Technology), it’s like having a mind reader—no need to remember to switch off the illumination. It goes into hibernation after 5 minutes of your inactivity, but when you move, it’s like the sight wakes up from a power nap, ready to illuminate your day.”

Picture this: an anti-cant level to keep everything as straight as a butler’s tie. And here’s the kicker—Leupold offers a custom CDS-ZL2 elevation dial just for your setup! The first one’s free, but after that, it’s a game of ‘dime for your thoughts.’ Well, it figures.

Now, the reticle, it’s like the reliable sidekick in an action movie—the Illuminated Firedot Duplex in SFP. With 8 illumination settings, it’s straightforward like ‘reticle 101.’ Sporting ¼ MOA adjustments, a reversible throw lever (because it’s never too late to switch sides), and Alumina Flipback lens covers included, the VX-6HD doesn’t discriminate.

primary arms 1 6x scope

Now, it’s not exactly night vision wizardry for the AR-15, but it did stretch my twilight shooting by half an hour! I nabbed shots I wouldn’t have dared before without it. And that ultrabright firedot duplex reticle? Adjusting brightness with a push of a button? It’s like the DJ of scopes—controls the mood lighting effortlessly.

Eye relief’s a standard affair, but that eye box? Forgiving and versatile—fits every rifle like it was made for it. And durability? This thing’s a tank! Waterproof, shockproof, fog proof—it laughs in the face of harsh environments.

The built-in electronic leveling system? Talk about a personal assistant! Blinking when it’s not level? Genius. It’s saved my shots more times than I can count. And during those tricky light times, that aiming point? Like a guiding star—no more guessing games.

A solid 30mm tube of anodized aluminum, and it weighs so little I forget it’s there! That 1-6x magnification with a 24mm lens? True 1x is like magic for hunting small game—no need to swap scopes mid-hunt for a rabbit or a deer. Now, you see, what makes this scope the best among other Low power variable optics?


With its notably lightweight design compared to other scopes in its category, this optic makes hunting a breeze.


The scope lacks included rings or mounts, requiring additional purchases for proper installation, adding to the overall cost and inconvenience.

2. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Second Focal Plane Riflescopes (Runner-up)

Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24mm Riflescope

This scope is like Fort Knox—built with aircraft-grade aluminum, sealed with O-rings, and filled with Argon, it laughs at rain, fog, and dust, making it an excessive glove-wiper’s dream.

Boasting a hard anodized body, these scopes are built to withstand anything. While I haven’t seen anyone using it as a nail driver (yet), I know stories of Vortex scopes surviving being dropped on rocks or even run over by an ATV. You see? That’s the kind of toughness you’re getting with these optics!

The Vortex Viper PST 5-25x50mm is a no-nonsense tactical scope but might not be your hunting buddy. Its precision is no joke—can hit a silver dollar at 800 meters and beyond if you’ve got the skill!

But hey, it’s not exactly a featherweight at 31.2 ounces and 15.79 inches long. You might need a tripod or a solid setup for it, not your average hunting stroll. On the bright side, it gives you a cozy 3.4 inches of eye relief and a view that stretches almost five feet when you zoom right in.

The illuminated and brighter reticle, available in MOA or MRAD, is like a dream. Drop compensator, windage holdover, ten brightness levels—made for every shooter’s flavor, even if you’re in the dark. The lenses, crafted from extra-low dispersion glass that boosts image quality and color accuracy while being fully multi-coated for enhanced light transmission, ideal for low-light scenarios.

primary arms 1 6

The turrets are tactile, precise clicks, and offer 20 MRAD in elevation and 10 MRAD in windage, with a zero stop like the RZR (not the Polaris RZR). We tested this baby inside out—reticle tracking, repeatability—all tight as a drum. Overall, a top-notch tactical scope, just don’t confuse it with your hunting companion.

But hey, don’t go expecting constant fiddling with this scope. It’s built for quick shooting, counting on those handy windage and holdover lines in the reticle. I have used this one, and it always took me just two tries to get it zeroed, and it held strong even after lots of action.

The beauty of LPVOs lies in their adaptable magnification, and the PST Gen II offers 1-6x variable zoom. At its lowest setting, it operates akin to a red dot sight, facilitating rapid target acquisition. Conversely, zooming in allows for longer-range shots with a smooth magnification ring, ensuring swift adjustments when speed is of the essence.


The Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Second Focal Plane Riflescope holds zero like a seasoned professional.


The only downside of the Vortex Viper could be its weighty impact on your wallet.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

3. Primary Arms SLx 1-6X24 Gen III ACSS (Best Budget LPVO)

Primary Arms SLx

The Primary Arms 1-6×24 (Gen III)—your ticket to hitting targets from here to the moon, well, almost. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, it’s tougher than your grandma’s holiday fruitcake. And that exclusive Advanced Combined Sighting System reticle? It’s like having a psychic GPS for your bullets. From backyard plinking to “Did you just hit that?!” moments, it’s your all-in-one, zero-to-hero solution.

Primary arms slx 1 scope is like the MVP of LPVO scopes—high performance without the wallet cry. It’s always, ready for close-quarters combat, long-distance jaunts, home defense, and whatever else you throw its way. Just a heads-up—nope, Andrew, it’s not a catch! No throwing balls at this one!

Now, if you’ve got eagle eyes, this scope’s your best bud. Why, you ask? That ACSS reticle with second focal plane stays the same size from 1x to 6x, a handy feature making it super visible at 1x. But let me tell ya, that reticle’s a bit larger at 1x compared to other LPVO reticles—talk about making a grand entrance!

It’s got the essentials covered: sleek matte black, tough against shocks, and sealed tight from the elements. Waterproof? Yup. Fog-proof? Absolutely. At a bit over a pound and 10 inches long, it’s the Goldilocks of compactness—might not be invincible, but it’s a champ for everyday use.

Did I mention those clicky elevation and windage knobs? Crisp, audible—just the way they should be. Cheers to aiming right and not breaking the bank, folks! The windage and elevation adjustment clicks—set at .5 MOA—are the real deal.

Smooth, solid, and hitting the bullseye for precision. And when it comes to long-range game, this scope’s ACSS etched reticle steals the show. It’s your GPS for holdovers, especially tailored for 5.56, 5.45, and .308 ammo.

As for the illumination, it runs on a CR2032 battery type. One can say, it is really designed for low light conditions. Good news—they toss in one battery right out of the box, plus a sneaky spare tucked away in the windage turret cap, for those “oops, my battery died” moments. Backup game strong!

Primary Arms SLx 1-6X24mm

Recoil? Child’s play for this bad boy. Normal roughhousing? It’ll shrug it off like a champ. But, if you’re planning to pass it down to your grandkids, might wanna reconsider—this scope’s not aiming for that heirloom status.

Image quality shows good brightness at 1x but lacks the sharpness and vibrant colors expected. Zooming to 6x maintains sharpness, with colors unchanged, yet brightness notably decreases. Although usable, the brightness drop at 6x is noticeable compared to other scopes, though not to the extent of rendering it unusable. Moreover, it lacks parallax adjustment, which is not necessary for lpvo scopes though.


Cost-effectiveness is the primary advantage of the Primary Arms SLx 1-6×24 Gen III ACSS lpvo scope, offering impressive features at a budget-friendly price point.


Downsides? Well, when you crack open the box, all you’ll find is the scope, a teensy user manual, and a lens cloth. You would have to buy mounts and lever separately.

Primary Arms SLx 1-6X24 Gen III

4. Primary Arms GLX 1-6×24 First Focal Plane Riflescope  (Best FFP 1-6x)

Primary Arms GLX 1-6x24

The GLx 1-6×24 from Primary Arms is like the middle child— “AWESOME.” While sitting comfortably between SLx and PLx lines, both in price and features, it operates as a first focal plane (FFP) optic. Packed with an ACSS-Raptor reticle and a treasure trove of goodies, it’s a true show-off. That is exactly why it is often compared to Vortex Strike Eagle.

Let’s find out why they call it feature-rich scope. First, let’s dive into the heart of the optic: the ACSS Raptor M6 reticle. This Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS reticle) provides range estimation and bullet drop compensation, calibrated for various cartridges like 5.56 NATO, 5.45×39, .308 Win, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8 SPC.

What’s great about this reticle is its consistent performance across different magnification ranges. When mounted on a 16” barrel 5.56 AR, the drop estimations appears quite accurate within different ranges.

The GLx 1-6’s glass is like a morning person—it’s clear, bright, and ready for anything. At 1x, it’s as forgiving as your grandma’s hugs—3 to 3.5 inches of pure flexibility. But hey, at 6x, it’s more particular than a cat finding the perfect sunbeam.

The GLx 1-6 is like a surprise present in a box of dull office supplies. Voila! A single exposed turret! It’s the toy at the bottom of the cereal box, just with more precision. Cap or no cap? Well, I’m not on a secret squirrel mission, so bring on the tactical turret for those MIL-increment moves!

This is not it! Now, this scope throws a party with a throw lever—like the cherry on top of a smoothly-operating sundae. About ½” tall, customizable? I mean, it’s practically the James Bond of throw levers. And yeah, it’s a bit heavier than some other best 1-6x scopes, but hey, it’s sturdy enough to handle more chaos than a toddler on a sugar rush.

Primary Arms SLx 1-6X24mm reticle

Unlike Primary Arms SLx scope, GLx ACSS reticle doesn’t exactly boasts daylight bright illumination. The reticle is like a horseshoe circling a chevron, complete with vertical and horizontal lines for drops and wind holds. A vertical line with horizontal markings compensates for bullet drops at various ranges, accompanied by dots for wind holds if necessary.

MIL ranging lines on either side of the chevron help estimate the range of a 5’ 10” target quickly. Precision lies in the middle chevron, ideal for accurate aiming, while the top point serves for precise shots and the bottom triangle point acts as a 200-yard holdover.

Don’t forget the “Autolive” feature. After 3 minutes of laziness, it turns off but perks up at the slightest movement. The Autolive offers around 600 hours of battery life. However, in direct sunlight, the red’s as hidden as Waldo.


The GLx 1-6’s utilization of multi-coated low-dispersion glass is truly a standout feature, offering exceptional clarity and brightness. For any marksman, this level of visual acuity is a dream come true.


The illumination could use some more sunshine—it’s a bit dim in direct sunlight. Otherwise, it’s smooth sailing!

5. Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 (Most Durable)

Vortex Razor HD Gen II

The Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 is like the rockstar of scopes—well-known, loaded with top-notch features, and with a reputation that precedes itself. This bad boy is the VIP section of the AR-15 optics club.

It may not be the featherweight champ in the 1-6 power league, but hey, who needs light when you’ve got durability, right? At 21.5 ounces, it’s more of an Arnold Schwarzenegger than a feather, but that’s okay by me.

Ah, the illumination on the Razor HD—brighter than a kid who just fell into flour sack. Seriously, it’s got levels that go all the way to eleven, and an off position between each one, just to make sure it’s got room to breathe.

At the highest setting, it blooms like a flower in the afternoon sun, but fear not! It’s versatile enough to dim down for nighttime adventures or shine bright through the sunniest of days.

primary arms 1-6 scopes

With an overall length of just over 10 inches and a height of 1.8 inches, it’s like the Goldilocks of sizes—not too big, not too small, just right. And that eye relief? A solid 3-4 inches, making it the perfect match for any AR-style rifle or even your AR pistol. Plus, that illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings and an off switch between each setting? It’s like having a whole party of illuminations, with breaks for snacks in between!

I’ve never used a variable-power scope that’s more forgiving of eye and head placement than this one. It’s awesome for shooting out of unconventional positions and for doing things like competing in 3 gun matches.

And yes, it’s a true 1x on the lowest magnification. This fact, combined with the aforementioned impressive eye box, generous eye relief, and a day-bright illuminated reticle makes it as fast as a red dot sight, for all practical purposes. And the bright image doesn’t hurt either.


The Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 is that kind of optic where every element seamlessly meshes together to create a phenomenal overall experience.


The Vortex Razor HD Gen II scopes certainly have that top-tier quality that can come with a top-tier price. If budget is a big consideration, this might be a bit of a sticking point. The performance is stellar, but it does come at a cost that might give your wallet a bit of a workout.

Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24

6. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes (Ideal for CQB)

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1—a scope that’s not just a one-trick pony. From close-quarter battles to a distant 650-yard stare, it’s like having a multi-talented performer in your hands.

With its nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed tube, it’s practically prepped for a weather showdown. If lenses had skins, this one would be wearing ArmorTec, ready to brave all the elements!

Vortex Strike Eagle is like the SFP version went, “Hey, let me get in on that red dot action, but let’s keep it compact!” It’s not microscopic at 1x like its FFP cousin, so you won’t be squinting through your scope trying to find the reticle. It’s like having the best of both worlds—compact yet visible, making sure you never lose sight of your target.

The Strike Eagle 1-6×24 has a reticle like a party trick – it lights up the center and keeps the rest of the crowd in the dark. But hey, it’s all about simplicity, right? It’s like having a well-lit VIP section in a nightclub! And let’s talk about its accessories—no flip-up caps, but it’s got a sunshade and a throw lever that’s more screw-in than a band member at a rock concert.

The magnification adjustments give a clear image without any weird distortion. The reticle’s illumination is like a shining star—even under the blazing sun. And that BDC3 tactical reticle? Love at first sight!

At a $300 price point, the glass quality is surprisingly impressive. It swanks very minimal side distortion at 1x and excellent clarity at 6x make it stand out.

primary arms 1-6 acss review

The eye relief might get cozy at Max mag, but it’s like squeezing into your favorite jeans after Thanksgiving dinner—just snug enough! This scope is versatile but for hunting, defending home turf, and hitting those bull’s-eyes at the range.

This scope’s got a split personality! It’s the chameleon of magnification—1x for when you’re in the tight woods and need clarity like you’re reading a menu in the dark, and then zip, it switches to 6x like a quick-change artist! Suddenly, you’re spotting stuff at 250 yards away, feeling like a sniper.

The Vortex Strike Eagle is like that tough guy you know who can handle anything. Made of aluminum that’s lighter than a cloud and nitrogen purged so it won’t get foggy or waterlogged, this scope’s practically indestructible! It’s like the superhero of scopes, protecting its lens with those multi-coatings like it’s wearing armor.

About those turrets—sometimes they’re a bit like that stubborn pickle jar lid that won’t open! They’ll stop between clicks if you’re not gentle. But don’t worry, they’ll still give you that audible click, like they’re saying, “Hey, pay attention or I’ll wiggle on you!”


The Vortex Strike Eagle has a killer feature in its corner—the lifetime warranty. It’s like having a shield that says, “I’ve got your back,” but for your optic.


The Strike Eagle, for all its wonders, does have a tiny wrinkle—the eyebox. It’s a bit like trying to find that perfect angle to take a selfie; you need to be right on the money! At maximum magnification, getting that perfect eye placement can feel a bit like a game of Twister. But once you nail it, it’s smooth sailing.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For 

Let’s see what stands crucial for an exhilarating hunting experience.


Pay attention to some key specs that could make or break your relationship with it. Eye relief matters—tight eyeboxes might slow you down, plus, nobody wants a scope bite (ouch!). A wide field of view at 1x is like getting a panoramic view through your scope, great for two-eye shooting and keeping an eye on everything around you.

Turrets are the knobs you adjust, and while most LPVOs have 0.5 MOA adjustments, some fancy ones offer 0.25 MOA or even 0.1 MIL adjustments for super precision. It’s like shifting gears in your car—fine-tuning your shots with just the right adjustments.

1-6x Magnification

LPVOs are the multi-tools of the optics world, offering versatility across various shooting scenarios. They’re like having a superhero with multiple powers rolled into one—switching between magnifications for precise long-range shots or quickly dropping to 1x for up-close encounters.

It’s like having a dynamic duo—a long-range scope and a speedy red dot—packaged into a single optic, making it ideal for law enforcement, home defense, and hunting alike.


Choosing the right reticle in a 1-6x scope can be a game-changer. There’s a variety—duplex for simple close-range shooting, while others pack in holdovers and rangefinders for those who like to think ahead.

Illumination? Not all heroes wear capes, but most LPVOs have illumination system. Some use buttons, some use knobs—like a fancy light switch for your scope. And hey, the battery? CR2032—the unsung hero keeping that reticle glowing with excellent battery life.


When it comes to scopes, durability is like having an indestructible phone case—it’s a lifesaver! Think about it, your rifle’s like a clumsy friend who’s always bumping into things. So, your scope needs to be tough, ready for all the knocks and tumbles your friend—uh, rifle—puts it through. You don’t want your scope to crack easier than a poorly timed joke at a serious meeting!

Size & Weight

Keep an eye on that LPVO weight! They might look compact, but they often pack a few extra ounces. The 1-6x falls somewhere in the middle, weighing around 16-18 oz—lighter than a brick, but heavier than a feather.


What Range Is a 1-6x Scope Good For?

When it comes to LPVOs, they’re like stretchy pants at Thanksgiving—they can handle a bit more than expected! At 1-6x, they’ll reach out to 600 yards, but beyond that, things might get a bit blurry, like reading a text without your glasses on.

Is a 1-6x Lpvo Good for Hunting?

When hunting, the 1-6x LPVO proves versatile, handy, and perfect for those “not too far, not too close” shots. Think of it as your go-to tool for timber, mountain brush, and those cozy 200-300 yard shots.


You’ve got a heap of best lpvo scopes out there, from budget picks to top-notch, battle-ready ones. First, set your spending limit. Then, peek at the glass quality, reticles, and specs to figure out what suits you best. You know, you’ve gotta wrangle the right one for your hunting grounds! I mean when I say, a versatile scope is your best buddy.

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