Best 1-8x Scopes for Unmatched Performance in 2024

Best 1-8x Scopes

Gather ’round, fellow fans of sharpshooting and hunting adventures! Imagine a skilled squad, hunting not just for prey but for that flawless shot, armed with rifles and an unyielding thirst for precision. Their quest? Chasing elusive targets hidden within the thick forest.

But here’s the twist – these weren’t your run-of-the-mill scopes. These hunters were chasing the legendary 1-8x scopes, revered for their unparalleled precision! These gadgets weren’t just tools; they were like the secret spice for unbeatable accuracy, spoken of in shooting circles like mythical creatures.

The 1-8x magnification range is wildly popular—it’s like the Swiss Army knife of rifle scopes, covering practically all your shooting needs in one package!

Join us on this scope odyssey, uncovering the crème de la crème of 1-8x models that transform any hunter into a shooting ace. Get ready to explore these remarkable gizmos together and unlock the secrets of superior marksmanship!

Best 1-8x Scope

I’ve curated a collection of top-notch 1-8x scopes, ensuring you have the cream of the crop for your shooting adventures. Think of it like assembling a team of superheroes—each scope is a standout performer in its own right, ready to tackle your shooting needs with precision and style!

1. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24 (Best overall)

You’ve got the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x, the MVP of LPVOs! It’s like the meme-worthy superstar – quick, versatile, and sporting the AR-BDC3 reticle that shouts, “Let’s hit targets at 600-650ish yards and make it look easy!”

Guess what? The 1-8x version went on a diet compared to its chunkier 1-6x sibling. It’s a sleek and sexy upgrade, like going from a chunky flip phone to the latest iPhone!

Imagine this scope as a superhero with flip-up covers, guarding its lenses like bodyguards at a VIP party. Now, onto the BDC reticle – it’s the ultimate matchmaker, pairing .223/5.56 mm and .308/7.62 mm rounds for a love story every time you shoot.

vortex razor 1-8

Locked in the second focal plane, that reticle stays as steady as Dwayne Johnson in a storm. And the 11-setting illumination? It’s like throwing a disco for your scope in low-light scenarios, but be warned – it’s like trying to watch Netflix on your phone in the sun.

That brightness? It’s a bit extra. But, the true 1x magnification paired with an illuminated reticle? It’s like a superpower for taking down close-range targets with both eyes wide open.

Vortex Strike Eagle rocks the same AR-BDC3 reticle – think bullet drops and wind drifts in MOA, with a fancy segmented horseshoe and a 1 MOA center dot glowing like a Hollywood star. Plus, it’s an auto-ranging reticle for that extra tactical swagger. And at full 8x power, this SFP beauty keeps its cool suspension game strong.

The vortex glass delivers impeccable clarity, ensuring a vivid and sharp view. Protected by flip-up covers, all lenses remain pristine and shielded from wear and tear. What’s more, it boasts an 11-setting illumination, significantly enhancing visibility in low-light environments.

Just so you know, this ain’t your grandpa’s scope with a twist-and-turn setup. Nope, it’s all low-key with capped turrets, making hunting feel like a party with pizza and all the toppings, especially up to 400 yards.

Vortex Strike Eagle

But here’s the nitty-gritty – at 8x, the image might get a bit wonky, like deciphering hieroglyphs after a meme marathon. Parallax is locked at a clean 100 yards, but push too far, and you might lose some optical magic. No auto turn-off – it’s like having a battery vampire waiting to drain if you forget the off switch.

Yet, 3.5 inches of eye relief? That’s luxury, like stretching out on a plush sofa, especially at 1X. Fast on target like Usain Bolt, it’s the speed demon of close-range optics, matching my Burris AR-536 prism sight, the Flash of scopes.

But watch out – at higher magnification, the eye box tightens up more than skinny jeans after a buffet. Three turrets in reach, like the front-row cool kids: Windage, elevation, and reticle Illumination.

Half MOA clicks for easy adjustments and dialing up to 100 MOA, enough to make any shooter’s heart skip a beat. And those turrets? Guarded like knights protecting the treasure.

2. UTG Leapers Inc 1-8×28 (Budget Scope)

best 1-8 lpvo

Tight on a budget? No problem, you can totally scroll past my article. Just kidding! Though it sounds like someone else’s problem to me, I’ve got a heart as big as the Grand Canyon. Allow me to unwrap the UTG Leaper ffp scope – the budget-savvy option that might tickle your fancy.

This optical wizardry is all about those fully-multicoated emerald coatings, guaranteeing that more light beams through like it’s the VIP pass to the sunrise and sunset show.

Well, except for those sneaky chicken coop invaders – they’re toast under 5x magnification. For the money, it’s got more features than a smartphone. Just don’t go expecting it to make your coffee in the morning.

Choices, choices! It’s like a buffet of reticle options – BDC for .223 or 5.56 rounds, mil-dot, dot-circle… you name it! And guess what? All etched, so even if your battery takes a nap, your aim’s wide awake.

Oh, the BG4 reticle? It’s not etched by mythical laser-eyed unicorns, but it’s got your back with drop info up to 700 yards, basically GPS for your bullets. Wind holdovers, auto-ranging – it’s like the James Bond of reticles, minus the shaken martini.

Sure, there might be a tad bit of spherical aberration at 1x, but hey, who’s counting? Well, probably you, since you’re here for a budget option. And yeah, Leapers loves tossing around fancy terms like Accu-Sync – the name of the mount included. Because, you know, every mount needs a fancy name to feel important.

best ffp scope

Now, let’s light it up! EZ-TAP is the party planner for your scope, offering red, green, and even a multi-color mode. Why have two colors when you can have 36? It’s the Coachella of reticles, all controlled by the ocular bell – talk about fancy tech!

TactEdge – superhero against glare! Instead of a sunshade, it’s like giving your scope cool shades, keeping it stylish.

Eye relief, the comfort king! Five inches at 1x, dropping to a still-cozy 3.4 inches at 8x – perfect for high-kick rifles or the superhero lever action 45-70s. And the eye box? Roomier than a mansion, making it comfy in any scenario.

Turrets? Clicking away at 0.5 MOA, locked up like Fort Knox. Durability? Nitrogen-purged, shock-absorbing – it’s the Hulk of scopes, tough as nails even for a .308. Elevation and windage knobs? Jackpot clicks in Vegas! No mushiness, just crisp clicks – zero distractions from your bullseye mission.

Parallax is fixed at 100 yards, but hey, with a solid cheek weld, it’s like asking for a cherry on top of your sundae. For the price of an air rifle scope, it’s a bang-for-your-buck deal.

Mounting? Covered! With its own mounting system, Picatinny rail or Weaver, it’s ready to roll for hunting, target shooting, or combat – the jack of all trades in the optics world.

And guess what? Lifetime warranty, baby! UTG’s got your back for life with this scope. Fully-coated optics, responsive clicks, durability on steroids, mounting goodies included, and a warranty that says, “I got you, fam!” If you’re after the top all-around scope for your cash, the UTG 1-8×28 is the one, hands down.

3. Primary Arms SLx 1-8 x 24 (Best for Long Range Shooting)

1x8 scope

The Primary Arms SLx scopes might have their leading lady in the 1-6x scopes, but don’t let the 1-8x hide in the shadows! I took the GLx 1-6x for a wild ride, and boy, it’s like hitting the bullseye blindfolded, it mounts easier than a YouTube tutorial, and the glass? Clearer than those crystal balls you find in mystical shops!

Now, let’s step into the cosmos and unpack this 1-8x’s reticle, shall we? Imagine this scope as your own Millennium Falcon cruising in the second focal plane, giving you all the cosmic perks without maxing out your space bucks.

Enter the Primary Arms ACSS Standard reticle, your personal GPS for shooting, designed for 5.56, 5.45, and .308 ammunition, and BAM!

primary arms 1 8x scope

It’s like the ACSS Raptor M6’s distant cousin, with the same vibes but with its own quirks. It’s a no-nonsense reticle stretching its arms out to about 800 yards, with a separate auto-ranging reticle that’s cooler than a superhero in shades.

The ACSS reticle? It shines brighter than the sun past 50 yards, keeping clarity crystal-clear even when you’re pushing the 500-yard frontier. And the controls? Smoother than Neo’s moves in ‘The Matrix,’ crafted for all your tactical shooting escapades. It’s like scoring a Batmobile for the price of a second-hand bicycle – an interstellar steal!

This reticle of primary arms is your guide to the stars, glowing red like the Iron Man suit’s heart, with crosshairs so fine they put Picasso to shame. It’s not just a reticle; it’s a precision guru guiding your shots across a cosmic dance floor, from a chill zero to a cosmic 800 yards.

Wind holds? Oh yeah. Moving target leads? Check! Bullet drop compensation? Absolutely! It’s like having Tony Stark whispering tactical advice in your ear while you aim. Genius!

Okay, get ready to face the gravity. This scope might pack a bit of a punch – long hunting sessions might feel like lifting Thor’s hammer. But guess what? It’s tougher than Wolverine’s claws! Rough stuff? Please, this scope eats rough stuff for breakfast.

primary arms 1 8x scope review

Let’s talk eye relief secrets – the specs? They’re like that game of telephone where things get twisted. I found it longer, hovering around the 5-4” range.

But here’s the kicker: the 8x eye box is a bit like trying to zip up your jeans post-Thanksgiving feast. But fear not, nail that weld, lock in that eye relief, and you’re ready to rock on your 223/5.56 rifle!

Now, let’s wrap up this cosmic journey.

The 1-8x24mm SFP? It’s like the Fort Knox of scopes – solid, resilient, with glass clarity so sharp it’s practically Hawkeye’s aim for big game hunting.

Priced at under $400 on Amazon or Optics Planet, the Primary Arms SLx 1-8x scope stands as a formidable optic that’s tough to surpass. It delivers comprehensive data for quick and precise shots from 0 to 800 yards, even in windy conditions and against mobile targets.

4. Athlon Optics Argos BTR Gen II 1-8X24 (Super Durable)

best 1x8 lpvo

Imagine this: a warranty so robust that it outlasts your attention span during a history lecture – the cloak of invincibility in the optic realm! Athlon Optics’ lifetime warranty is like being guarded by the cosmic powers of Thor, promising to keep your back safe from any scope shenanigans for the long haul.

Now, let’s talk about high-quality glass that could make HD blush, a reticle that’s a target magnet, and durability that would make Superman envious! Think of this scope as the superhero of glass – no blurs, no distortion, it’s like the ultimate Insta-worthy snapshot without any filters.

The horseshoe-shaped reticle is a dream for aiming at silhouettes. Its design swiftly guides my eye to the target, proving its utility even at maximum range. This reticle is as precise as a Jedi aiming for the Death Star, whether you’re on a hog hunt, saving the world, or just trying to beat your buddy in target practice.

best budget scope

It’s a red LED beacon, guiding you from close encounters to shooting galaxies away. And that zero stop? It’s like your North Star, guiding you home even if you’re blindfolded in the dark.

Now, for the ammo connoisseurs! If you fancy those 223/5.56mm rounds, this reticle is your wingman, calibrated especially for those specific cartridges. It’s like having a personal ammo guru whispering target secrets. But hey, it’s chill with other rounds too! And those optics? Crystal clear, even in a blackout.

Recoil? This scope laughs in the face of it, with a resistance of 1,000G! It handles recoil like a champ while giving you precision so sharp, it’s like performing surgery with ninja-like accuracy.

And the edges? Pure focus! No blurring, no distortion, just perfect clarity, even at higher magnifications. Plus, centering the picture? Easier than finding Waldo on a blank page!

The toughness? This scope’s a trooper! Dropped, banged, swam – survived it all without a scratch, thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum and an XPL coating that wards off dirt and oil.

Athlon Optics scopes reviews

Let’s talk turrets – they click so crisply they could start a rock band! Recoil? Didn’t nudge my zero, not even an inch! Found my zero in 20 rounds and stayed put for another 300 – that’s consistency, my friend!

Magnification? 1-8x, the perfect companion for any wild shooting adventures. Whether you’re in close-quarters combat, hunting, or feeling like a cowboy with your lever action, this scope’s got your back!

Mounting and rings? Nope, not included – gotta bring your own bling to this optic party.

In short, if your AR-15 needs a partner in crime, the Athlon Argos BTR Gen2 1-8×24 is your go-to. Audible turrets, meteor-proof durability, jaw-dropping glass quality with edge-to-edge clarity, and a reticle that says, “Bullseye, I’m coming for you!”

Surprisingly, for all its glory, this scope doesn’t sport a Hollywood price tag. It’s like buying a luxury car for the price of a regular sedan – a steal! So, if your AR-15 needs a wingman for any shooting scenario, the Athlon Argos BTR Gen2 is the hero waiting in the wings!

best 1x8 lpvo
Athlon Optics Argos BTR Gen II 1-8X24

5. Bushnell AR Optics 1-8×24 (Ideal for AR-15)

best 1-8 scope for ar10

You’ve stumbled into the world of Bushnell’s warranty fortress – where your scope dreams are safe and sound, no matter the wallet size! The AR Optics 1-8x24mm proudly flashing that Bushnell badge has a warranty that could outlast a marathon – a solid 30 years of peace of mind.

Now, let’s dive into the specs! Weight-wise, it’s a superhero at 16.5 oz, making it feel like a feather on your rifle’s head. Flip-up caps? Nah, you’re in for a bikini cap treat! Will I trade them out? Nah, they’re snug enough for scope downtime.

IPX 7 waterproofing? That’s your green light for splash zone adventures! This scope can lounge in three feet of water for 30 minutes and still come out as dry as a bone. Why? To keep that BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) illuminated reticle shining like a star.

Speaking of the reticle, it’s as direct as a GPS set to the nearest burger joint – calibrated for .223 Rem/5.56 NATO. No frills, just pure function.

Bushnell AR 1-8 review

As a MIL scope, it’s all about precision – think adjustments in 0.1 MIL increments. That means 6 MILs per revolution and roughly 14 MILs of total adjustment travel. It won’t shoot to the moon, but it can certainly stretch its legs beyond your backyard fence after zeroing in at 100 yards.

Throw levers are on board! Long and short ones, but watch out – that long one might cozy up too much with a bolt action rifle. The short one’s like a compromise, a photobomber in the shooting scene.

Higher rings might fix it, but then you’re rearranging furniture for a perfect shot – might mess with your cozy spot.

Now, for that quick draw action – cue the PCL throw-down levers, or as I affectionately call them, the ‘cat tails.’ They’re the sidekicks that help you flip magnifications quicker than a ninja after a caffeine shot.

Need ’em gone? Release a screw, and presto! Outta sight or lay them flat for a stealthy look.

Dollar for dollar, Bushnell is your loyal friend. Primarily for your AR-15, but will happily adapt to other guns in the arsenal.

Resettable turrets are a neat trick – giving them the option to boomerang back to where they began. Illumination’s on the scene, not exactly sunshine on a cloudy day – just 6 settings. But hey, it gets the job done, and folks seem content, even if it won’t light up the neighborhood block party.

6. EOTech Vudu 1-8×24 (Best for Duty)

Once upon a time, in the world of scopes, EOTech’s Vudu line stepped onto the stage sans the famed holographic wizardry but loaded with unique features for duty and maybe even a bit of hunting fun.

Now, some buyers stumbled upon quality hiccups with their Vudu low-power variable optic scopes, but the 1-8x is swaddled in the cozy embrace of the No BS warranty.

My personal tango with EOTech’s customer service? Always a live person on the line, and emails zip back quicker than a caffeinated cheetah.

eotech vudu 1 8 review

Let’s peek through the Vudu 1-8x’s looking glass: SFP HC3 reticle, a fixed-size reticle keeping your field of view squeaky clean. But guess what? Only the center dot is illuminated, a tiny 0.5 MOA speck – precision for those ‘hit the bullseye from the moon’ kinda shots. Oh, and the knob for illumination?

Surprise, it’s your battery’s secret hideout, offering a 500-hour party. No intermittent off, but it throws an auto-shutdown after two hours of inactivity – great for duty, not so much for the sneaky hunting moments.

Revolution markings on turrets? Absolute lifesavers in the midst of adjustments. Oh, and you can reset the turrets too, just not a full zero stop!

Basic? Yes, but it’s got the trifecta: crystal-clear glass, a sleek reticle, and a red dot that winks in broad daylight – the three musketeers of a run-and-gun scope.

Now, onto EOTech®’s warranty – the NoBS Lifetime Warranty, the “No b/s” promise. If anything goes awry, they’ll swap defective parts faster than you can say, “Wait, what?”

Good thing too, ’cause this scope ain’t cheap, but it’s not lounging in the luxury section either. Its ruggedness, speed, accuracy, dashing looks, and pristine optics are its shining armor.

With the best recoil resistance in town, the Vudu 1-8×24 SFP flexes for 3 guns, personal defense, hunting (up to 600 yards!), and close-quarter combat. Come rain, shine, or a blizzard; this unit’s got your back – no scope swaps needed.

8x optics

But every hero’s got their kryptonite. This one lost some design points because testers, bless their hearts, kept unfocusing the reticle when they played the magnification piano on the eyepiece. Solution? A locking diopter ring! Also, after a day of dialing, the elevation turret showed a bit of wobble, like the shaky knees before a roller coaster ride.

Let’s talk reticles: It’s a three-way street! At different magnifications, this reticle does a dazzling dance – from guiding your aim to lighting up like a Christmas tree in daylight. Plus, there’s an illumination module with buttons to play with – although, poor Mark got a bit button-happy, unintentionally throwing the bright illumination into disco mode.

While it didn’t top the charts optically, the Vudu aced the “shootability” test – basically, it’s like the cool kid acing every game in the field. Price? Around $1,700, making it the swanky elite of scopes, worthy of a high-five… or a high price tag!

7. Trijicon VCOG 1-8×28 (Best for AR-10)

The Trijicon VCOG 1-8x scope is like the high roller of LPVOs – it’s one of the best, but boy, does it demand a king’s ransom in return! Picture this: a scope that costs more than a small kingdom, but hey, it’s got to earn its keep.

Bulky? Oh, absolutely! This thing weighs as much as a small boulder, tipping the scales at 31.5 oz. But hey, it’s got its reasons – a beefy 34 mm tube, 35 MRAD of adjustment travel, and it guzzles AA batteries like they’re going out of style. It’s like the Hulk of scopes – big, strong, and requires a bit of space!

Now, the reticle – it’s like a blank canvas waiting for your ballistics masterpiece. No specific calibration here; just plug in your numbers, and voilà! With 11 brightness settings, 8 are all about the daylight bright illumination, 2 are like those faint stars for night vision, and the last one? It’s like staring into the sun – you know, for science!

Trijicon 1-8× review

No thread-in levers or bands here; Trijicon went fancy with an integrated dial fin. It’s sleek, fast, and tough as nails. Oh, and it doesn’t just keep out a drizzle; it laughs at depths up to 66 feet (or 20 meters, but let’s stick with the impressive number, shall we?).

But what’s the real deal with this pricey gadget?

Sure, there’s that Trijicon brand allure, but it’s also a beast – tough, with flashy features like intermittent off settings, 633-hour illumination (under certain conditions, mind you), 4 inches of eye relief, and a built-in rail mount. It’s like the gold standard, backed by rave reviews, but oh boy, that price tag still gives me sticker shock.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill scope; this is for the big leagues, folks. Combat-level specs for those who mean business – military, security, and the law enforcement posse.

Strength? Oh, you bet! Trijicon isn’t playing around; they’re big shots supplying the U.S. military with gear that laughs in the face of battle conditions.

If weather extremes were a walk in the park, this scope would be doing cartwheels. It’s practically indestructible, certified by the MIL-STD-810G test series – the Iron Man of scopes.


Accuracy and speed? Now we’re talking! Top-tier objective lens clarity combined with the Bindon Aiming Concept. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of reticles, ready to handle any ammo weight, barrel length, or caliber without breaking a sweat.

Plus, no need for fussy adjustments; the reticles and eye relief stay rock steady across the magnification range. It’s like having a scope that’s always camera-ready – no need to adjust your stance or pose!

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For 

The top-tier 1-8x scopes and LPVOs are packed with specs perfect for engaging targets across varying distances, from close quarters to mid-range distances. Almost every 1-8x fits the bill! When you’re in the market for a top-notch 1-8x scope, a few key factors can make all the difference:

Glass Clarity

2x scope

Glass clarity is key in a 1-8x scope. It ensures a clear, detailed view across magnification levels, impacting accuracy and target identification. Look for premium coatings and quality glass for sharper, distortion-free images.

Eye Relief & Eye Box

When considering a 1-8x scope, eye relief and eye box are crucial. Eye relief refers to the distance your eye can be from the scope while maintaining a full-sight picture. A generous eye relief prevents scope eye and allows flexibility in positioning.

The eye box is the forgiving area behind the scope that permits quick target acquisition, even with slight head movement. A larger eye box makes it easier to maintain a clear view of your target, particularly in dynamic shooting scenarios.

Size & Weight 

LPVO scopes ace close-range target acquisition. The 1-8x setup combines the best 1-4x scope and 1-6x scope capabilities with added power. Yet, at max magnification (8x), there can be optical drawbacks.

Personally, I prefer FFP scopes and rarely max out magnification. Opt for 1-8x for enhanced power and better image quality beyond 4-6x, but it might be heavier than smaller options like 1-4x or 1-6x.

Parallax & Magnification

best rifle scope

Ballistic reticles and parallax correction are nearly essential in a long-range scope. With a power range exceeding 10x, it’s vital to consider an adjustable objective or side focus.

Understanding parallax in a 1-8x scope means ensuring clear targeting at various distances. Parallax refers to the apparent shift in the reticle against the target when your eye isn’t perfectly aligned with the scope. A scope with adjustable parallax allows for clear targeting at various distances.

Meanwhile, the scope’s 1-8x magnification range caters to both close and distant shots. Checking for reliable adjustments is key for versatile shooting scenarios.


When it comes to LPVO scopes, they span a wide price range. However, the most popular and highly rated 1-8x scopes usually fall between $300 and $800.

In this price range, you’re likely to find scopes that strike a balance between affordability and higher-end features, providing clearer optics, robust construction, versatile reticles, and reliable optical performance across various shooting scenarios.


What Range Is a 1-8x Scope Good For?

The 1-8x LPVO works great up close within 100 yards, but that 8x boost can make you feel like a sharpshooter aiming for 800 yards.

Just remember that “effective range” isn’t just a number; it’s a wild mix of reticle mojo, how clear your eyesight is, what ammo you’re flinging, and a dash of cosmic alignment.

Is an 8x Scope Good for Hunting?

The 1-8×24 LPVO setup is a versatile choice for hunting, from dangerous game to small and large game scenarios. Typically, it suits shots up to around 200 yards, making it perfect for wooded areas and hunting in brush-covered mountains.


In the world of precision shooting, these best 1-8x scopes are the rock stars, the wizards behind the curtain, making every shot count.

So, as we wrap up this 1-8x scope expedition, remember: behind every expert shot and every elusive target pinned down, there’s a scope that stood tall, delivering extra magnification like no other.

Whether it’s for hunting, competitions, or just the sheer joy of hitting the mark, these scopes have proven to be the unsung heroes of the shooting world.

Here’s to the glass that made the impossible, well, possible – one zoom at a time! Cheers to the magic in the magnification.

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