Best Night Vision Scope in 2024 for Unparalleled Clarity

best night vision scope

‘Your gear can make or break your hunting escapade,’ well said. Do you wanna know the story behind it? Let me narrate mine!

Embarking on my hunting journey, I made a rookie mistake. Guess what? I underestimated the power of a top-notch night vision scope. Now, picture this: targets kept sneaking up behind me instead of being revealed in front of me.

My supposedly “shiny and splendid” scope turned out to be the traitor, giving them a VIP ticket to my location instead of camouflaging me in the shadows.

So, invest wisely to avoid ending up being the punch line of your own story. That being said, let’s go and find out the best night vision scope on the market and make your story worth telling everyone!

5 Best night vision scope

The right night vision scope and rifle duo are your defense against embarrassing moments during nighttime hunting.

Here is a brief rundown of the finest night vision scopes on the market, giving you the insights to make the right decision.

1. AGM Rattler TS19-256 (Top Pick)

best night vision scope for the money

Boasting a detection range of 1250 yards, this bad boy stands as the best and ultimate wingman for any hunter who loves versatility. I love to call it my premium all-rounder bestie.

Let me tell you why this one makes an ideal night vision scope. Its specifications are literally screaming value if you do a thorough inspection. I mean, whatever you expect from a scope is being delivered by this baddie.

From a 25 Hz refresh rate to 256×192 resolution and a 12-micron sensor, this scope is promising a lot more for its price points.

It is like having a thermal superhero in your arsenal. So, what sets the Rattler series apart?

Besides being lightweight as a feather and compact as a needle, these scopes adore camouflage game. Believe me when I say these scopes are the chameleons of the optic world. They have been designed to fit on various shooting platforms.

I mean, when I say they pull double duty as thermal monoculars!

best night vision scope for hunting

Even if your ‘logical’ brain thinks it’s a fantastic idea to stand out in the open, this genius of scope will manage to camouflage itself, and guess what? You will be the star of the blame game.

Bravo, genius move!

Let’s talk features now. Dialing this baddie was an easy task. Once dialed in, this featherlike night vision scope performed fantastically with its nimble feel, straightforward functions, and friendly user interface. Nobody wants unnecessary frills, right?

Now, the real showstopper here is the feature set. Internal recording and wi-fi features add a modern touch to this scope. Its palette modes also provide a versatile edge to your shooting experience no matter what environmental conditions you have on hand.

I mean, can you handle white-hot, red-hot, and black-hot modes altogether? No, you can’t because you aren’t used to privilege. But now is the time, you know.

If you have got bragging rights, you need this optic. This scope records and captures moments like an expert photographer. The built-in picture-capturing quality allows you to document your night adventures and brag about them later.

best day and night scope

Want to zoom in on the action? No problem.

The Rattler boasts an 8X digital zoom that brings you closer to the action without making you leave your cozy hiding spot. Not only this, but its picture-in-picture mode allows you to multitask. How? Just as its name sounds, this mode lets you keep an eye on the target while also allowing you to scan the surroundings as well. Efficient enough?

In addition to this, this scope also allows you to turn your smartphone into a command center for storing captured moments. Who wouldn’t want a personal gallery of unseen wonders right in their pocket?

Like many optics, the battery life might bug you a bit, so do not forget to keep a charger with you while going on a hunt. Its USB connector for an external power source literally throws a lifeline. So, investing in a quality battery pack would also prove a wise move.

night vision scope for rifle

Does it hold zero well? Not an issue! The Rattler simplifies the process with its one-shot zero feature. Let’s talk power, shall we? This thermal optic runs for 4.5 hours straight on just (2) CR123 batteries. Well, that makes a decent lifespan for a thermal wonder that can turn dark into a playground.

Lastly, let’s appreciate its quick-detach mount from American Defense Manufacturing. You know, switching from riflescopes to monoculars is easy with this one. You can name it a change artist of the world of scope.

So, to conclude, it can nail whatever you throw its way.

In a nutshell, AGM Rattler TS19-256 brings so much to the table without making you rob a bank. It makes a powerful gadget for your hunting endeavors; make sure to keep a handy power source.

2. ATN Thor LT (Runner-up)

atn thor reviews

Priced at an eyebrow-raising $199, this thermal scope is all about packing a punch while shedding unnecessary weight. The ATN Thor LTR 160 confidently claims its spot as ATN’s lightest thermal scope, catering to those who desire a thermal buddy.

Let’s kick off with its qualities. So, where exactly does this scope boast its existence? Tracking. The tracking capabilities are where it flexes its muscles and exceptional performance.

The ATN Thor is equipped with a 160×120 17-micron sensor, though monochrome, which provides thermal imaging and crystal-clear visuals up to 70 yards. Besides this, it also delivers a snap-free experience, courtesy of its 60Hz refresh rate.

atn thor 4 best settings

Moreover, even in bad weather, the glass quality doesn’t leave its ground, thus maintaining its clarity. Real game changer, isn’t it? However, if you dare trespass 100 yards, the image clarity might lose its luster. And you don’t want to lose a crisp view, right? So, better respect its limitations.

Thor introduces an interesting twist to magnification though. What is it? Let’s say you need to forget 5x, 6x, and 7x dreams, rather embrace a binary choice between 4x and 8x.

Let’s talk reticle now.

To make use of this scope, you need to get yourself accustomed to using MIL instead of MRAD. Once you are done learning it, I’m sure you will find this accurate tool highly effective across different ranges. Turrets? Although plain and basic, it gets the job done without giving you a headache.

atn thor-hd 384 1.25-5x review

So, how does it perform in the zeroing process? As mentioned earlier, the this perfect night vision scope advocates simplicity only, it offers you a one-shot zeroing system.

Overall, ATN Thor LT 160 commands attention as a budget contender. But as with any love story, there are complications – nosedives beyond 70 yards, fewer options, 4x and 8x mag only. However, it excels where it matters, like glass quality, reliability, and tracking.

I’d say it’s a robust pick within its constraints and price range.

3. ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO (Best All-Rounder)

atn x-sight 4k pro day/night rifle scope kit

X Sight 4K pro night vision scope has pretty much everything stalked in it in this price range, from quality picture and menus to extra features, it is all classic ATN goodness. Even when it’s completely dark than Darth Vader’s closet, its night vision technology lets it shine brighter than any diamond for ambient light.

Owning the X-Sight Pro Rifle Scope is like having two versions: the 3-14x and the 5-20x, each with its own mojo. While one boasts a broad 9-degree field of view spanning 460 feet, the other sibling offers beefier magnification but with a narrower 5-degree field of view stretching over 240 feet.

Both scopes rock HD lenses as they run in the family and share the same 50mm size. But aside from these differences, they are practically twins.

Now, here’s the scoop on the X-Sight’s eye relief – a generous 90mm for potent rifles, especially AR-15. And if the sun is feeling a tad hot, just dial in that extra rubber eyecup for a smoother experience.

Sensors, you ask? These babies show off an ATN M26 Ultra 4K sensor, clocking in at a resolution of 3864×2218, powered by an Obsidian IV core processor for a system resolution of 600 lp/mm. Well, isn’t this scope going places?

atn x-sight review

This Superstar of night vision scopes does not hesitate to paint high-resolution imaging even at higher zooms during the day. But when the night creeps in, while it won’t bedazzle, it is still a player and still par for the course at this price point. Trust me, it doesn’t slouch in the dark! One can say it happily nails both day and night modes.

The display? Classic ATN – crisp, swank brightness along with adjustable gamma and contrast, all in HD at 1280×720. I am not saying it’s the Godzilla full HD; still, it is leagues ahead of more budget models and other pricier ATN night vision scopes.

Let’s talk zeroing now. A walk in the park, I would say. This scope lives with one motto; “One-shot zero.” Shocking? Indeed. Just so you know, not most digital night vision scopes comes with perks like these, instead, they might need a reset after a hiatus or an update.

As far as video games are concerned, you are covered with 1080 at 30 and 60, along with the rare 120fps. However, the downside is that this lightning-fast speed is only reserved for daytime.

atn x-sight 5-18 smart riflescope

Let’s talk body just like Tove Lo did. A solid thermoplastic construction, rugged design, weather-sealed, and tipping the scales at 2.1 to 2.2 pounds only. Can you believe it? Not just this, this X-sight is a champion when it comes to the temperature department too.

It can easily handle -20 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit like a Godzilla. Wait, the Li-ion scope battery might act up a bit when subjected to extreme temperatures. So, better not give it headaches ya’ll.

At lower zooms, this optic sight is a hero of the day. At a zoom, though, colors might get a little funky. You can easily spot targets up to 600 yards away. The 5-20x? With practice, it is your golden ticket to the 100-yard club.

To conclude, the ATN X-SIGHT scope is the flashy friend who claims to have it all. With its dual flavors, nifty features, and claims of being the multitasker, it sure aims high. For its price range, the X-Sight holds its ground, offering a decent day-night experience.

4. Sightmark Wraith HD (Best Value)

sightmark wraith hd 4-32x50 review

Here we are talking about the Picasso of scopes! I am truly in love with this one. This trusted companion of mine has to offer 10 illuminated reticle options and 9 color settings. Can you believe it?

When I first dialed this night vision device on my bombastic rifle, I thought my gun hit the gym. You know, muscle bulging, energy soaring, apparently, it is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of rifles now.

Let’s dive into the details now. Target acquisition and tracking? Wraith makes sure you have 10 reticle options always ready for action. IDing targets beyond 200 yards is a minor task for it. Why? Because it has factory IR light and eye shine detection that can spare no prey.

Hey, Cavill, step aside! We have got a new superhero in town.

Not just that, Wraith moonlights as a full-color HD day vision display and recording maestro. Move aside, Inspector Gadget, there is a new multitasker in town as well! So versatile!

sightmark wraith 4k charging time

The 1920×1080 advanced HD sensor smoothly switches from full-color clarity to night mode. Night vision-wise, this scope is the rockstar, outshining the competition like a headliner at a concert.

Now, the IR light – think of it as a cooler version of a TV remote, swanking a mysterious red glow instead of a visible forward beam. James Bond of Illuminators, do you think? Yikes! Revealing details up to 250 yards is a piece of cake for this one.

I mean, we can call it a digital DJ that plays with electromagnetic waves and flirts out the visible light to give you a sharp image even in the daylight. However, at night, it unleashes the full spectrum, creating a grayscale masterpiece that you have been waiting for!

sightmark wraith 4-32x50 review

But how on earth does it perform like this? Well, it has a forward sensor that is basically catching waves like a professional digital night vision scope.

Turrets? Turrets are responsive and hold zero like a pro. Seasoned shooters, are you ready to give it a go? The menu is user-friendly, and the one-shot zero process is an easy handshake. Well, mounting it might feel like a hassle, but hey, you have got an old ass rifle, haven’t you?

In this age of social media, who else do you think is gonna record your bombastic performance besides this super night vision scope? The video recording quality of this scope is really nice, courtesy of its perfect night vision camera. Not a deal breaker, though, but it does the work.

Wraith can capture all its adventures with full HD video on a removable Micro SD card. Do not sweat, Andrew; there are no corrupted files here. It will surely capture your missed shots for a good laugh!

how to use sightmark wraith at night

Durability? This night vision scope is sturdy as hell. Abrasion-resistant? Weather-resistant? Whatever you name, this scope will laugh in your face. Wraith is a complete package with its aiming profile, various reticle colors, and choices.

It has the ability to adapt itself to different lighting, eyesight, and game conditions.

Alright, reader, if you are thinking of committing to this scope, you must not forget a portable charger for your adventures. Yeah, it needs it like an oxygen mask.

Moreover, if you own a bolt-action rifle, do not forget to grab an extended picatinny mount for sufficient eye relief. Nobody wants a scope eye, right?

5. Night Owl Optics NightShot (Best Budget)

best day and night scope

Simplicity is its middle name. If you are budget-oriented but still crave fancy features of high-end scopes, the Night Owl NightShot is your savior. This affordable night vision scope strikes a perfect balance between affordability and quality. It sure does give budget-friendly users a reason to cheer at just $300.

Let’s talk about its tracking first. While I was using it, I zeroed in my NightShot at 50 yards and tested its ability. Guess what? It clung to zero like a koala to a tree. Not only did it hold zero like a pro, it held its ground over multiple hunts.

However, if it happens to back off from its promise, the company is more than ready to play a replacement hero.

Its 3X magnification makes it versatile for various scenarios; however, it might lack perfect zoom power. Just so you know, this scope packs a 640×480 resolution in itself that is rarely to be found in other optics at this price point.

Unlike its expensive competitors, this scope keeps it basic with a very user-friendly interface that won’t give you a headache. That’s all? No, keep counting – built-in infrared illuminators, compatibility with weavers and Picatinny rail system, and three brightness levels.

nightshot scope

This built-in infrared illuminator does its job pretty well, although it doesn’t win an Oscar for its job. If you are craving some oomph, you can also go for a separate illuminator.

Now, the glass quality won’t win any awards, but it is more than passable. It won’t let the prey play hide and seek with you if you use it at a reasonable distance. The windage and elevation turrets get the job done, though they lack the premium fancy tactile experience.

This digital scope offers three reticle types available in both black and white so you can tweak them to your liking and the situation at hand. With its spectral range from 400nm to 900 and 800nm, a 1W IR illuminator provides optimal performance.

As far as the display frame rate is concerned, 30 fps is satisfactory.

night owl night shot

Structure? This scope gives vibes of plasticity, but this build quality vanishes into thin air once you dial it in. Once slapped in, it only speaks the language of reliability and sturdiness.

In the avenue of performance, the NighShot proves its competence. The 5.6-degree field of view could be a tad limiting for some shooters, but it still does the work. The hundred-yard range holds true, and with proper light, you can also stretch to 200 yards.

In conclusion, the NightShot significantly outperforms others in its price range. So, if you are looking for an affordable entry-level option. The scope is a great place to start.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Best Night Vision Scope

Let’s not ignore the crucial elements you should be considering in your next best night vision scope only if you expect excellent clarity and superior performance on your next hunting experience.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

Do you want crisp visuals? Hell yeah! Glass clarity is all about how sharp and clear the view is, even when the night spreads its cloak. A high-quality lens will not blur your vision and give you headaches.

The reticle, on the other hand, is the aiming point in your scope. Choose what you prefer – plain crosshairs or a more complex setup with range-finding features.

Eye Relief

night vision scope reviews

Eye relief becomes a critical factor while choosing a night vision scope, especially if you are using a high-caliber rifle. Why, you ask? Because nobody wants a scope eye. Wisdom says one should stay prepared to tackle and shield themselves from the effects of substantial recoil.

Parallax & Magnification

Parallax is like when the crosshair or reticle in your scope doesn’t stay still on the target as you move your body. This apparent shifting of reticle position can end in aimless shots. A parallax adjustment allows for accuracy by eliminating displacement, ensuring that the reticle stays on target.

Moreover, it saves you time!

As far as magnification is concerned, more magnification is good for seeing things far away. However, it might make it harder for you to see a big area. So, better find a scope that strikes a perfect balance for what you intend to do.

Enhance your night vision scope’s accuracy with our top pick for the best red dot magnifier – a perfect match for clarity and precision in low-light conditions.


When the night is unpredictable, you need a reliable buddy by your side, right? Durability is all about how tough your scope is. A good one should handle bumps, weather, and whatnot.

Always look for optics that are made out of strong material and built to survive the nights.

To ensure quick and easy attachment of your night vision scope, consider pairing it with the best quick detach scope mount, offering seamless integration and reliability in the field.


What’s better, night vision or thermal scopes?

To be honest, it is a classic ‘depend’ situation. It is literally like asking if you prefer cats or dogs. So, it all boils down to your personal preference.

Well, in the realm of target identification, thermal scopes outshine night vision scopes, but a basic thermal scope can cost you around $500 to start with.

What type of scope is best for night hunting?

When it comes to night vision scopes, you have a long long list to choose from – thermal scopes, low-light scopes, and night vision scopes. Thermal scopes are the masters of heat detection, even in pitch darkness.

On the other hand, night scopes are the light magicians that can turn low-light environments into illuminated playgrounds. The choice is all yours in deciding which hero will be joining you in your next hunting endeavor.

Whatever you choose, it should be packed with necessary night vision capabilities.


Choosing between night vision and thermal scope can prove to become the ultimate dilemma, but not if you know your needs and limits. Among the most night vision scopes, the ones that stand out are those where night vision scopes work effectively, offering unparalleled clarity and reliability in low-light conditions.

If you are opting for night vision, be prepared to lose a significant amount of money because you are paying for what you get. Indeed, you are getting a maestro in return for your money.

However, if you are leaning towards the warmth of thermal, just remember that these types of scopes operate in a league of their own.

They are practically heat detectives in low-light conditions. But do not be fooled into thinking every shot is a picture-perfect opportunity with these scopes.

So, hunt responsibly, and make sure you can really savor those victorious moments.

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