Best Optic for AK47 in 2024 – Reviews & Expert Picks

best optics for ak47

Want an upgrade this hunting season? Forget the standard accessories – add an optic to your AK47 for an ultimate hunting thrill. It’s like bringing a laser to a bow-and-arrow fight! Honestly, who needs binoculars when you’ve got an AK with a view? I, for sure, am ready to turn the woods into my personal FPS game.

Well, are you thinking an optic for an AK47 would be some extra expense you just can’t make? Well, I bet the moment you get your hands on it, you will know its worth. I love it because zooming in for epic precision at a distance is finally possible. Hitting the bullseye is way cooler when it’s from afar!

Whether you’re on a hunting adventure or locking horns in a shooting showdown, an AK47 scope’s got your back. It’s not just a sight; it’s a ticket to becoming the sharpshooter superhero you were born to be! So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s jump into this article and check out some of the best optics for your beloved rifle.

5 Best optic for AK47

The following scopes are those that I have personally used. Each of them holds a story for me, and today, I’ll be sharing these tales of optics with you all.

So, gear up for an adventurous ride with this review.

1. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24; Best Overall

primary arms ak optic

I won’t be wrong to say that Primary Arms offers some of the best optical solutions to hunters across the globe. This company also manufactures a wide range of accessories for weapons and has quite a reputation of its own.

The scope we are going to talk about here, the Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24, is an incredible product! My story about it is that I got my hands on this high-quality red dot sight when I was really tight on the budget. I had a few bucks to get a good quality sight, and this one was in my range.

Little did I know that I was signing up to use one of the best budget red dot sights that have ever been made for the hunters!

primary arms ak scope

Priced at merely $289, this scope by Primary Arms has amazing features.

I am someone who loves both short and long-distance shots. This scope helped me with my obsession with varied shooting attempts. When it comes to close shots, the 3/4 circle reticle comes in handy, letting me check out and hit the target quickly.

For the nighttime shots, I can turn on its illumination, and it would further bail me out on long-distance shots. Yes, the reticle is illuminated and makes hunting in the dark much easier! Once you learn how to use the ACSS reticle for your own benefit, you will never look at any other scope ever again.

But here’s the catch!

For a lot of people, the ACSS reticle is a little annoying and tough to use. If you don’t come to terms with it, you might want to look for some other red dot optic!

primary arms ak optic

The Advanced Combined Sighting System offers bullet drop compensation. Alongside this, it aids in quick target acquisition in short-range hits, as all you need to do is place the target inside of the horseshoe. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to hit the target accurately.

In case of long shots, use the chevron’s top to place the target and make a hit.

The reticle is illuminated and comes with as many as 11 brightness settings. This means that whenever you want to have a trusted hunting partner with you when it’s pitch dark in the field, you can always trust the Primary Arms SLX scope.

No matter which magnification power from 1x to 6x you choose while hunting, the size of the reticle will remain the same, thanks to the second focal plane.

primary arms scope

As far as the windage adjustments, the .5 MOA makes the elevation movements pretty easy. A single click by the hunter on the windage adjustment knob on sight will move the point of impact by 0.5 MOA, making it easier for him to hit the aim precisely.


  • Swift magnification controls
  • 3.5 and 3.3 inches of eye relief makes target acquisition pretty fast
  • 11 brightness settings of the red illumination
  • Dovetail Mount keeps the optic close to the firearm
  • Package includes lens cap and cleaning cloth


  • Doesn’t come with an aircraft-grade construction
  • The 6x magnification setting darkens the image

2. Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot; Amazing Brightness Controls

aimpoint pro on ak

Aimpoint is a company that really knows what its clients want! With every new product that it comes with, it seems to hit the bull’s eye by offering exactly what the hunters look for in their weapons and accessories.

With the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot scope, the company has yet again caught the pulse of the AK47 user and has loaded the scope with just the right features!

Just like Primary Arms, this Aimpoint pro product has been in the industry for decades and has built a solid reputation of itself.

Water and moisture have got nothing on this incredible red dot scope. You can take the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot scope inside the water for as deep as 80 feet, and nothing will happen to it. It is super water resistant, and even if it is surrounded by dust, it won’t be affected

When compared to the scopes that were launched by Aimpoint before this one, I can vouch that this is the most advanced and trustworthy version of them all. The reticles come in smaller and lighter, but it makes sure you get the animal home you had been running after so long.

aimpoint on ak

The number of options this scope offers when it comes to selecting the brightness settings is incredible. You would be amazed to know that it comes with four night vision settings, while eight are for daylight.

One of them is so bright that you can use it during the day while hunting down the prey in the desert. This simply means once the scope is mounted on the rifle, nothing can stop you from getting that target you have in your mind!

The super-crisp 2 MOA dot reticle is surely worth spending your money on!

The lens coating of this scope is worth praising. Its glass quality provides the most terrific images to those viewing their targets through it. There is absolutely no distortion whatsoever.

aimpoint pro ak47

When I used the Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot scope for the first time, I was stunned that even my own movement didn’t have an effect on the quality of the image created on the scope glass.

As a matter of fact, I ended up slipping this scope off my bag, and it hit the hard surface of the mountain quite a few times. Despite that, what amazed me was that there wasn’t even a single scratch to it!

The glass is super sturdy and scratch-resistant, and you can rely on it to be your forever hunting partner with your eyes closed!


  • Impressive optical clarity
  • Shock and waterproof
  • Unlimited eye relief lets you keep both eyes open while shooting
  • Lenses are coated internally with reflective coatings
  • Comes with flip-up lens covers
  • Capped turrets help prevent unintentional adjustments


  • A bit pricier compared to competing scopes

3. Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24; Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

vortex scope for ak 47

If you avoid long-range shots but short and medium-range aims are your forte, it’s high time you got your hands on the Vortex Razon HD Gen II 1-6×24. This sight comes in three variants, and you can choose any one as per your convenience. They include the JM-1 BDC (MOA), VMR-2 (MOA), and VMR- (MRAD).

Today, we shall be talking about the VMR-2 (MOA), as this is the one I have been using since its launch, and honestly speaking, it’s simply incredible!

By its name, you would have already guessed that it comes with a VMR-2 (MRAD) Reticle. With a length of 10 inches and a height of 1.8 inches, this sight can be carried around easily and can turn into your permanent hunting partner.

The eye relief of this scope is pretty impressive. Its around 3-4 inches, and a perfect fit for anyone using the ak 47 rifle. Vortex optics is known to keep the concept of comfortable eye relief, making shooting activities easier and manufacturing sights according to it.

vortex strikefire ak 47

Like most red dots mount optics, the reticle of this scope is illuminated! This means as a shooter, you won’t have any problems making your aims even when the night falls.

On that note, if you love scouting in the night, check out the Best Scout Scopes in 2024for Superior Scouting Precision.

It ensures improved visibility in low-light conditions. Anyone who loves to hunt in the night can take full advantage of the 11 levels of brightness it comes with.

Oh, and let me tell you a secret!

This scope has the capacity to be your lifelong companion, thanks to its sturdy build. It’s a highly durable accessory for your AK 47 with a hard anodizing finish. This coating gives it a brownish tone, which sets it apart from several different models of AK 47 sights.

ak 47 vortex strikefire

However, compared to other options, this one is pretty heavy!

But that’s a good point, as it aids the hunter in covering himself in the browns of the jungle! At the same time, the finish saves the scope from scratches and damage.

Vortex is known to offer its users with top-notch glass clarity. The reason why the Vortex Razon HD Gen II 1-6×24 comes with such phenomenal image creation is the good quality glass used in it. It shows you a crisp and clear image, no matter whether you have the magnification at 1x or 6x.


  • The extra-low dispersion glass creates crisp images
  • The eye box and ample eye relief aid in quick target acquisition
  • Effective situational awareness
  • Little to no outline shadow while open eyes shooting
  • The reticle comes with an illuminated center dot
  • ‎Dovetail Mount for a secure fix


  • Heavier than expected
Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24

4. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25; Super-Easy Mount

bushnell trs 25 on ak 47

I still remember when I first opened the box this sight came in. I had the brightest and widest smile on my face. The appearance of this sight is so incredible that you are bound to feel joy as soon as you set your eyes on it.

Of all the red dot sights that I have used, this one is the most gorgeous one!

But looks is not all that it serves!

This sight is loaded with terrific features that make it a MUST-HAVE optical accessory for your rifle.

Just like the Vortex optics scope, this one also comes with as many as 11 brightness settings, which is quite a praise-worthy feature. This makes sure you don’t end up losing your target no matter what kind of lighting conditions are there in front of you!

bushnell ak optics review

Compared to the iron sights, this one is a highly reliable one. It is Nitrogen-purged, which means it’s a durable item, and even if you hunt in dense fog, moisture won’t find its way into the scope. At the same time, it’s shockproof and resistant to dust.

The AK 47 has a picatinny rail, and this scope offers weaver style mount, which ensures providing mounting solutions to the user. You won’t even need anything extra, like an attachment or something, to stick the optic to the rail, and things will go smoothly!

The best part about this Bushnell product is still to be revealed!

Can you imagine how much this sight cost? This AK accessory comes with a price tag of only $59.

Shocking, isn’t it?

This is definitely one of the cheapest scopes you can ever get your hands on. Compared to its cost, the quality that it offers is definitely a surprise!

bushnell ak optics

Regarding the battery life of this best budget scope, you can surely rely on it to stay with you for long periods of shooting activities. For recreational shooters, this is definitely a great choice, as it promises as many as 5000 hours of battery life.

However, for that, they will have to keep the setting to medium. When the brightness knob stays at any point from four to six, the battery lasts longer!


  • Temperature and moisture changes don’t impact the sight’s performance
  • 3.6 ounces of weight makes it quite a light product to carry
  • Adjustable brightness settings for the illuminated 3 MOA dot reticle
  • Turret-style reticle dot adjustment
  • Comes with a removable CR2032 battery
  • Cheapest AR-15 red dot optic


  • Doesn’t come with the shake-awake feature
  • Does not have adjustable magnification

5. Trijicon RMR Type 2; Lightweight & Portable

best ak 47 rifle

Trijicon RMR Type 2 is an advanced version of the previous model offered by the company. It has been made better than its predecessor, and this has made it quite a hot favorite sight amongst the shooters. This also makes it one of the best optics available both online and in-store.

The first change that I found compared to the previous version of this scope is the windage dial, which has now been hardened. As a matter of fact, this time, the company has made them audible.

With every single click, you can hear the dial moving, and it lets the shooter understand his actions efficiently.

trijicon ak sights

A major benefit that comes from hardened windage dials is that they are pretty resistant. Any setting that the user decides is not taken back by the recoil. An AK can have a pretty hard recoil, but it’s one of those AK optics that help the hunter hunt efficiently. Once you zero it, it won’t come back.

On that note, you should also learn how to zero a scope perfectly.

This Trijicon scope is pretty light in weight. With a mass of merely 1.2 oz, one can say that this optic is easy to carry around, and you can make it your partner when it comes to long hunting sessions.

It’s like having a pocket-sized hunting companion that won’t weigh you down during those epic hunting marathons!

best new ak 47

This rifle sight is pretty sturdy, thanks to its military-grade aluminum alloy construction. The structural integrity makes it capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

The best part about this construction is that the added weight of this sight on the rifle is minimal, which contributes to improved handling and maneuverability.


  • The dictionary mount offers stability and security
  • Works great for law enforcement purposes
  • Automatic brightness setting with eight levels
  • Button lockout engages automatic mode to prevent unintentional adjustments
  • Ruggedized battery contacts make it work in harsh conditions efficiently


  • Changing the battery is a long process
  • There is a slight blue tint on the lens

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Best AK-47 Scopes & Optics

Searching for your ultimate optic partner? Buckle up, adventurer! Here are some must-have features to spot in the wild jungle of optics:

a. Glass Clarity

best optic for ak

Glass clarity is really crucial to consider while buying an AK optic. When the lens glass is clear, it offers superior light transmission, making the scope an amazing choice in low-light conditions.

Alongside this, it helps in glare reduction, which is crucial for improving visibility and reducing eye strain. This helps maintain a clear-sighted picture.

b. Eye Relief 

One thing that gives the ultimate level of comfort to the shooter while hitting the target is eye relief! It is basically the distance between the eyepiece lens and the eyes of the person using the sight.

For a beginner who is keen on safer shooting practices, extended eye relief is crucial. It works well for long as well as close-range shots.

c. Durability 

You obviously wouldn’t want to buy a new sight every year before the hunting competitions start. It’s quite an expensive purchase, which is why you need to get your hands on a reliable scope. Durability and longevity matter quite a lot when it comes to purchasing a scope to avoid repetitive purchases.

Save yourself from the never-ending cycle of repetitive purchases and go for the reliable sidekick that laughs in the face of wear and tear. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your hunting game!

d. Parallax

Think of parallax as your scope’s GPS for precision! It’s like having a guarantee that no matter how much you move, the reticle will stay locked on target. Forget the headaches of trying to steady your scope like a balancing act – nail that parallax adjustment and your eye moves won’t send your reticle on a wild dance.

A scope that is parallax-free is definitely worth having.


Is a red dot or scope better for an AK47?

The red dot optic steals the show in the short-range hunting game. If you ever find yourself yearning for a bit more zoomy goodness, you can add in a red dot magnifier for your convenience.

Plus, for the mighty defenders of home turf, the red dot is the ultimate sidekick in the realm of home defense optics. Keep it close, keep it red, and revel in the optic-tastic versatility!

Are red dot sights better than iron sights?

When compared to the iron sights, the red dot sights are easier to aim with and provide multiple advantages. This is why new-age hunters prefer red dots over every other option.


If you love using an AK47 and your hunting competitions are incomplete without it, you definitely need to buy a scope to add to its performance.

Trust me, you would love the added productivity and your ability to hit the target right on the point with a greater level of efficiency.

The market is filled with unlimited options in terms of optics, but you need to consider only those that offer you the exact features you need!

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