Best Scope For 45-70 Rifle Enthusiasts Reviewed

best scope for 45-70

Are you looking for the best scope for 45-70 but do not know which features and specifications to prefer while hunting? Well, I must say your search is no different than someone who is navigating through a jungle without a map in hand!

Yes, you read that right! Don’t be a confused shooter.. Rather, learn about everything relevant to shooting scopes, including parallax, focal planes, and even light transmission, before you buy a new scope with your hard-earned money.

Of course, like always, I am here for your help. Here is an extensive guide regarding features that turn a scope from MEH to YEAH! Also, some really good options are here as your cheat code to choose the right optic!

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider when Buying a Best Scope for 45-70

Different shooters have different features in their wishlists when it comes to buying a new scope. But, for me, the best scope would surely be the one with the following features:

A. Glass Clarity

First things first, glass clarity DOES MATTER A LOT when buying a new scope. You simply can’t get your hands on any random scope without checking the clarity its glass offers. That is an absolute NO!

You would want the image you will hit to be extremely accurate and clear to ensure you hit the target precisely. This comes with loads of benefits, including time and amino savings. While you view the target through the optic, enough light transmission must create a crisp image right in front of you.

The need for glass clarity augments if you love hunting at night! A great scope would be the one that would still let you view the target extremely accurately even if night falls and there is darkness all around you. It would also ensure stripes are not formed on the glass, and there are no irregularities in the image whatsoever!

best scope for 45-70

If you don’t want a hazy image and are looking for consistency, make sure the glass of your lens is either Extra-low Dispersion, Gorilla glass, or Sapphire. They all work pretty impressively, even during low-light conditions.

Scopes that have multi-coated lenses are also worth paying for! They are not only anti-reflective but also reduce the chances of glare forming on them.

Being water and moisture-repellent at the same time, they are also long-lasting and super-durable.

B. Accuracy

Accuracy refers to the level of correctness with which you can view the image created in the lens and then make the aim! The perfect scope would ensure you can hit the 45-70 cartridge right on the target.

The magnification level that a scope provides is directly connected with the accuracy it offers. This is also one of the reasons why shooters going for deer hunting keep their bags filled with 45 70 cartridges.

henry all weather 45-70 scope

Two things that directly impact the accuracy offered by a scope are the reticle and the magnification lenses. Reticle indicated the exact position where the ammunition would affect the selected target.

The right kind of reticle, combined with effective magnification levels, ensures accuracy and precision in shooting.

C. Magnification

If you love making long-range shots, you better get your hands on a scope with an impressive magnification range. However, you can surely opt for a low or medium-range magnification for short-range hunting.

Simply put, this scope component means a lot, especially when you are up for a hunt big game mission! The target would appear X times its original size, making it easier to hit it accurately. As far as it goes for varmint hunting, a good magnification power makes it appear super smooth.

45 70 scope recommendations

You can check out the specifications of a scope, and it will let you know its capability. For instance, if you are going for a 1-4x Magnification, it would showcase the target that is four times its actual size in the image.

In case you are making your shot at a distance of 100 yards, it’s gonna be like a piece of cake, or should I say, a crumb in the cookie jar!!

D. Long Eye Relief

The long eye relief makes shooting comfortable, especially for the newbies. It helps them keep their eyes safe from a sharp and unexpected strong recoil once the shot is fired. With the extended eye relief, the shooters can use rifles without affecting their eyes.

With the 45-70 cartilage that’s pretty massive in itself, a long eye relief definitely helps. Precision shooting and quick shots with high accuracy and minimal recoil distraction are vital for peak performance.

best scope mount for henry 45-70

When you finally decide to splash your cash and get a scope, make sure you opt for the right eye relief, especially considering the location of your hunting! The entire game is about the distance you have between your eye and the lens of the eyepiece you are using.

Hunting in rough terrains requires you to have a scope with a compact design and long eye relief.

Eye relief comes with distinct numerics, and you need to understand them well before buying a scope. The regular eye relief is around 3.5 to 4 inches, and this is enough distance to ensure the eyes don’t get hurt owing to the rifle’s recoil.

lever action scope

In an open area, these are great numerics, especially for long-range shooting.

Comparatively, scopes that come with the numerics of 4.5 inches or more fall into the category of long eye relief scopes. In this case, the scope mount would be far from the barrel.

If you are someone who prefers keeping both eyes open while shooting, this is a great position for you to manage. For fast target acquisition, there is nothing better than this scheme of work!

E. Durability

Now that’s pretty obvious! You wouldn’t want to swipe your credit card for something that you’ll have to replace soon!

As the scope is a pretty crucial element in hunting, providing you with enough opportunities to make accurate range estimations, magnify the image, and hit the target quickly, you wouldn’t want to part ways with it!

marlin 45-70 scope

This is why, when you decide to buy it, make sure to choose a durable option. It will save you a lot of money and time. Get an item resistant to water, moisture, fog, recoil, and sudden hits. For that, focus on options that have a solid build and are made of durable material.

Think of it as a long-term investment. You may have to pay a few extra bucks for a long-lasting product, but it would surely be worth every penny!

Best Scope For 45-70

Are you feeling a bit lost in the sea of scope options? Well, that’s pretty normal. Let’s dive into the fun zone of choices and find your perfect new purchase together!

1. Burris Ballistic Plex 2-7×32 (Great Second Focal Plane Scope)

If you are someone who prefers scout rifles over others, there is no better choice than the Burris Ballistic Plex 2-7×32 scout to mount on it. These rifles are lightweight and super easy to carry, and so is this scope we are going to talk about now!

Burris is known for its class-apart shooting products and is preferred and loved by hunters all across the globe! Scopes that it has come up with are also known for their precision and longevity.

Weighing around 368.54 grams, it fits easily in the hunter’s bag and can be carried around at long distances effortlessly.

For long-range shooting, this product offers great opportunities to make a clear shot! Its magnification feature is impressive, with the numerals 2-7x magnification. It will show you the target two times closer to what it really is.

Want to make further adjustments? Go for it no matter what the range may be!

To be clearer, this scope offers low to medium magnification. Hence, it gives enough magnification without affecting or sacrificing the field of vision.

For many people, the scope mount placement could seem a little awkward. This is because it is mounted well forward on the firearm.

scope for henry 45-70

However, it offers remarkable eye relief, which is around 9.2 – 12 inches. If you prefer keeping both eyes open while shooting, you can easily do that, thanks to the comfortable eye relief and a full-sight picture.

This is a Rear Focal Plane scope! It means that even if you alter the magnification power through adjustments, the reticle size will remain the same. During the hunting season, when the competition is high and you need to make frequent shots, the RFP comes in handy.

If you set the magnification at a low power range, there will still be no obstruction in the target image created by the lens.

Let’s talk about the appearance of this scope now. Looks-wise, this product is quite an eye-catcher. The matte finish adds a certain kind of elegance to it.

red dot for 45-70

Alongside this, the high-quality aluminum used in its manufacturing stays intact for a long period and saves it from regular wear and tear.

The 66 MOA windage adjustment is an add-on with the 2X on the scope that provides a super-generous eye box. For anyone who hates to waste time and prefers consistent, speedy shots, there is nothing better than the image view that a massive eye box offers.

In terms of price, this scope may come across as a little costly for a lot of new shooters. However, if you want a long-lasting, durable, and trustworthy product, paying $540 for the Burris Ballistic Plex 2-7×32 would be a wise decision.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Super clear and crisp optic picture
  • An impressive eye relief offering speedy target acquisition
  • A bit on the pricey side
Burris Ballistic Plex 2-7×32

2. Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm (Best Rear Focal Plane)

With a weight of merely 9.59 ounces, this is one of the lightest scopes that you can carry to large distances while hunting. But, wait, that’s not its only plus! Rather, this product is filled with amazing features. Two really impressive features of this scope are the magnification ranges and reticles.

Let’s explore more about them.

The magnification power of the Leupold vx freedom scope is 1.5-4 x, which is splendid for sure! It gives the hunters enough zoom-in and out options. If they want to hit a target that’s close, they can easily dial down the power and make a quick aim.

marlin 45-70 scope

This is why the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm is a great option for short as well as extended-range shots.

Another great feature of Leupold vx freedom red dot sight is the rear focal plane. As the reticle is located behind the magnification lens in the second focal plane scope, it is closer to the eye.

This also means that whenever you zoom the scope in or out, you would be able to see the optic image getting bigger or smaller accordingly.

However, it doesn’t have any effect on the reticle, and it remains the same. For hunters who have no time to waste, opting for a rear focal plane scope is definitely a great choice.

best henry 45-70 scope setup

The Leupold vx Freedom is one of those red dot sights that come with a Weaver Mount, which makes it super easy for even a newbie to connect it to the firearm. It comes with a pair of parallel rails, ensuring that the scope stays adjusted to the rifle when shots are fired.

For those who are looking for the best scope with a great lens, this is a great option. The lens of this scope is scratch-resistant, and the scope itself is resistant to water and moisture. Hence, the Leupold vx freedom is a long-lasting and durable option.

  • Comes with a great style and finish
  • Super smooth 1/4 MOA windage adjustment
  • Extremely reliable with a clear glass
  • Turret clicks are a little mushy
Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20m

3. Aimpoint PRO Red Dot (Extremely Durable)

The Aimpoint PRO Red Dot scope is the best thing you can have in your life if you love shooting when the night falls. The rifle range of this scope is impressive, and its ability to work well during the nights makes it great for the big game hunting season.

With an objective lens diameter of 38 millimeters, this is the best scope to have with enough light transmission, ensuring the image formed on the lens is super crisp. During low light conditions, it makes shooting the object pretty easy!

best 45-70

Want to use a shotgun as a newbie and don’t wanna switch to a rifle so soon? Not an issue! It’s also one of those scopes that work great on a shotgun.

Target engagement with this product is smooth, thanks to the 2 MOA red dot it comes with that augments the shooting accuracy and precision.

It’s a durable option to opt for! It surely promises to give you years of productivity. As a matter of fact, the rear lens covers keep the glass clarity intact for a very long period.

For pro shooters, this is a fantastic red dot sight to have, as it offers extended settings and adjustments for all kinds of situations. For instance, it comes with four significant settings compatible with night vision and six settings for daylight situations.

best vortex scope for 45-70

The Aimpoint PRO Red Dot scope has a Semi-mat finish. Do you know what the cherry on top is? It is Anodized on the surface, ensuring the longevity and durability of the structure.

  • Multi-layer anti-reflex optical coating for better viewing
  • Front plus rear flip covers
  • QRP2 Mount for easy adjustments
  • Parallax free
  • The field of view is not wide enough

4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II (Champion Of Long Range Shots)

Vortex Optics Crossfire ii is loved by those who look for extensive eye relief while shooting the 45 70. With the eye relief of around 9.45”, this scope is definitely a catch!

The sight picture it creates for you is definitely worth praise. It’s so crisp that there is no way you won’t be able to hit the target right in the spot.

The magnification of this scope is 2-7x, while the objective lens diameter is 32 mm. Together, they make a deadly combo and are definitely some of the best-scope features. From 200 all the way to 700 yards, you can easily make accurate shots.

stainless steel scope for marlin 45-70

On the other hand, the BDC reticle lets the hunter have a good estimation of the effect that a bullet drop will have on the impact point. For a hunter who prefers long-distance shooting, this reticle comes in handy.

Are you afraid of the parallax and annoyed by its possibility of making you miss the shot? Well, not anymore, as the Vortex Optics Crossfire ii comes with 100 yards of parallax, and you are able to shoot the target accurately.

Isn’t it the best scope ever?

The aircraft-grade aluminum used in the manufacturing of the outer surface of this scope makes it a durable option to have. It also provides it with a super-sleek and stylish appearance.

1895 scopes

Of all the scopes I have used now, I found this one to be the most stylish one! It’s super shock-proof, which further adds to its longevity.

When it comes to mounting the scope on the rifle, you can choose from the rail or the ring. Either way, the optic will stay well-adjusted to the firearm, even if the recoil is sharp and sturdy.

  • Water-proof and shock-proof
  • Clear image formation by the multi-coated lenses
  • Quite light in weight
  • Unlimited warranty
  • There is no parallax turret
  • The field of view is limited

5. Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4 x 24mm (Amazing Night Vision)

The Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4 x 24mm is the best scope for those shooters who are a bit tight on the budget. Despite being super cheap and cost-effective, it is loaded with amazing features and specifications. Let’s dig into them and see why some hunters blindly trust them

Like to make hunts when the night falls? Well, this scope would help you with that. The reticle comes with a duplex red dot that has twelve levels of brightness. You can conveniently change the brightness levels using the illuminated reticle for the mid-range shots.

For instance, when you are shooting at night, the multi-coated lens of this 45 70 scope will ensure efficient transmission of light, ensuring easy hunting when the night falls.

vortex scope for 45-70

This scope is fog-proof. It lets you make accurate shots even during fogy and hazy winter nights. With the Duplex reticle, this optic comes with the Second focal plane. As you change the power of magnification, the size of the reticle doesn’t change at all.

When you compare the Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4 x 24mm scope with the Leupold vx freedom or the vortex optics crossfire ii, this one is quite big in size.

Only those who have enough capacity to carry it around should actually get their hands on it. With a weight of as much as 16.7 Oz and a length of 11.1 in, this is a bulky option to have!

One thing that sets this scope apart from others, apart from the duplex reticle, is that it holds zero pretty efficiently! Well, before you experience this, learn how to zero a scope!

45 70 rifle scopes

Making adjustments to this red dot sight is a breeze! You ask why? Well, the turrets are capped and finger-adjustable. Hence, you can manage the reflex sight and other elements as per your liking! The CR2032 battery type is a long-lasting one!

  • Duplex reticle ensures accuracy and precision
  • Variable magnification and easy adjustments
  • Impressive eye relief of 3.5-3.8″
  • Illuminated center dot
  • Not compatible with night vision
  • A bit heavy in size
Primary Arms Classic Series 1-4 x 24

6. Trijicon RMR Type 2 (Parallax Free Scope)

The Trijicon RMRcc type 2 comes with two reticle options. This lets the shooters choose their convenience. They can select from the 3.25 MOA and 6.5 MOA reticle as required.

Like the reticle, this scope offers Red Dot and Holographic options. The design is super convenient and snag-free. You can draw it super easily. It is made with forged aluminum, which means it is quite long-lasting and durable.

scope for marlin 45 70

You must have already understood that this scope comes with extended options. The same thing goes for the brightness settings, which are eight in total.

Option 1 is super bright, and if you love to hunt during the night, there are 2 night vision modes as well! LED illumination feature surely sets this optic apart from others.

I can sense that this product has already impressed you immensely!

To make you go in awe of it further, let me inform you that this is a parallax-free optics. This definitely makes it a good scope for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time removing the parallax while making quick and consistent close-range shots.

45-70 optics

The battery life of this optic is worth talking about! This battery comes with a 2-year standby use, which surely is impressive.

  • LED illumination
  • True-Color multi-coatings
  • Easily adjustable windage knobs with 3 MOA per tick
  • Varied brightness settings and options
  • A little high in cost

7. Leapers UTG BugBuster 3-9x32mm (With An Illuminated Reticle)

The Leapers UTG BugBuster 3-9x32mm is a sleek and stylish scope that comes with just a one-inch tube. One major reason why it is preferred by shooters over other 45 70 scopes is the extensive field of view of 37.7 Feet it comes with. This, coupled with the 3-inch eye relief, ensures the highest possible accuracy and precision in shooting.

Spell-bound by the amazing specifications of this red dot sight? Wait till you are blown away by its reticle!

The illuminated reticle of this 45 70 scope makes this product apt for a large game. For shots at longer rangers, this reticle provides a very clear and crisp image.

best scope for 45 70 rifle

The tube also has an emerald coating on it. This ensures extensive transmission of light through it, making the 45-70 rifle hit the target quickly and accurately.

This is a long-lasting and pretty solid product that will stay with you for many, many years. It is nitrogen-filled and sealed, which makes it shockproof. You can even use it for hunting during the rainy season, as it’s completely waterproof. This adds to the longevity of the scope.

Another thing that gives this product durability is the sun shade, which saves it from sun damage. Alongside this, there are flip-open lens caps as well as a cleaning cloth along with the package that helps maintain the original condition of this 45 70 scope.

The package also includes mounting rings to make the whole mounting process quick and easy.

For mounting purposes, it uses specific rails and a Picatinny mount system. Even the strongest and hardest recoil doesn’t affect the scope’s position on the 45-70 rifle.

best scope for a 45-70

Worried about its repair costs and replacement problems? Well, you don’t need to. This product comes with a lifetime warranty. This means you can get it repaired free of cost from the manufacturers whenever it stops working. It is also quite well-priced and doesn’t fall on the expensive side.

The adjustment of windage and the elevation adjustment system are pretty smooth. Hence, they make quick target acquisition possible for the hunters who are up for some heavy competition.

  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Great for self-defense
  • Thinner crosshairs, compared to other scopes, offer precision shooting.
  • Zeroing is a little hard at times due to turrets

8. Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20mm (Quick Elevation Adjustments)

Looking for an extremely light-weight red dot sight that gives you great shooting experience at any range? Go for the Leupold VX-R 1.25-4×20 mm.

This 45 70 scope comes with variable magnification, making the 45 70 rifle much more effective and efficient in target acquisition at high magnification. The viewing angle is super large in this case.

Coupled with it is the impressive magnification, minimum at 1.25x and maximum at 4x. As you augment the magnification power, you are able to see the image of the target bigger and clearer.

Another startling point of this scope is its impressive eye relief. It is 84mm to the minimum and 106mm to the maximum. At this latter adjustment, you can save yourself from the harm caused by the possible recoil of the rifle.

45 70 sights

If you are at a competition or need consistent shooting, maximum eye relief would be of great benefit to you.

Capped turrets make all kinds of adjustments pretty easy. They are well-protected and ensure the adjustments remain intact for the longest time. Being finger-adjustable, the turrets of this scope are fuss-free and keep the focus of the shooter in place. When compared to the Leupold vx freedom, its current turns out to be more trustworthy.

best optic for 45-70

The reticle of the scope doesn’t change even if the shooter adjusts the magnification power, thanks to its second focal plane. For hunting purposes, there is nothing better than a SFP with a combo of red dot that would point out the target. The 0MOA dot size is the perfect one for a precise point of aim.

The lens is Fully Multicolored. Hence, it offers an anti-glare feature, ensuring you are able to win the big game hunting sessions without any confusion caused by the lens. It also increases the transmission of light, letting you see the image clearly.

  • Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof
  • Motion Sensor Technology to detect environmental changes
  • The lens is highly scratch-resistant
  • The package comes with a lens cover
  • Offers a limited warranty of 10 years


1. What is the maximum effective range of 45-70?

The minimum effective range of 45-70 shoots is around 400 yards, which goes all the way to 500 yards as the maximum limit.

2. What Vortex scope is best for 45-70?

According to the experts, the best vortex scope for 45-70 is the Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7×32. This is for a variety of reasons, including its impressive glass clarity, generous eye box, fantastic durability, and super smooth elevation and windage adjustments.

3. Does the 45-70 rifle work during the night when used with the right scope?

Yes, the 45 70 rifle works as amazingly well with the night vision compatible scopes as it does in the bright light.


Choosing the right scope for 45 70 could be a tough decision, especially when you have so many options available right in front of you.

45 70 rifles are preferred by the hunters for the ease of shooting that they offer. Hence, you should look through the scope features extensively before getting your hands on the final product.

Zoom into the details and try to avoid all the pitfalls that may lead to a bad decision.

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