6 Best Scope for AR10 in 2024 for Serious Shooters

best scope for ar 10

AR-10 rifles are like picky gourmet eaters at a buffet. They’ll scrutinize every scope, saying, “Nah, that one’s a little blurry, and this one’s not focused enough. Bring on the high-definition, please!”

You know, the AR-10’s picky when it comes to scopes. It spends more time browsing for high-quality optics than most people spend picking a Netflix show. It’s got high standards!

So what are you waiting for? Go get this rifle the Gucci scope it deserves. Wait, I guess that’s my job to play matchmaker here. Alright! Allow me to introduce you to a bunch of scopes that’ll do anything to win the AR-10’s heart.

6 Best Scope for AR10

Here’s a compilation of exceptional scopes available for the AR-10, boasting top-notch performance.

1. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II (Ideal for Long range)

That deer’s got some serious attitude, thinking it’s all sassy, saying, “Good luck with that teeny black thingy in your hand. You ain’t finding me, babe!”

When you’re scoping out anything past 400 yards, it’s like entering the “I Spy” zone, and you would need too much magnification power, up to 10x. You don’t want that deer giving you the sass. So, guess what? I have got you the ideal scope for long-range shooting that screams, “Nature, do you think you’re sneaky? Try me!”

Vortex Viper scope is the ultimate long-range distance wizard. Recently, I took it on a joyride nearly 1000 yards out, and WOW! Crystal-clear zoom, no parallax fuss, not even when the sun’s on fire. And now that deer? It’s practically sending friendship requests my way. Guess I won the charm offensive!

Decisions, decisions! I had a real brain teaser deciding if this Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 3-15×44 deserved the crown or just a close runner-up spot. If you’re diving into PRS or wanna spice up that AR-10 of yours, this scope’s your ride-or-die. It’s got that first focal plane magic, offering up a buffet of illuminated reticle flavors.

Speaking of the first focal plane reticle, it has got more choices than a buffet menu. My personal favorite? The EBR-2C (MOA) aka the “Christmas tree” style. It’s tactical precision at its finest, giving me those precise hold points.

ar10 scope

Perfect for those long-range sniper moments, you know? I think I also fell in love with the MOA version of the EBR-7C, with that illuminated tree-style design for quick adjustments at the range.

Let’s talk adjustments – crisp, precise, and they’ve got these nifty fiber optic inserts to help you snap back to zero in a flash. Plus, that elevation knob? It’s got this cool resettable zero stop, making your return to zero a breeze.

And the cherry on top? Those target turrets and parallax adjustment turret perched up there. They’re tactile, audible, and heck, spot-on with quarter MOA adjustments. No fuss, no hassle, just smooth sailing there. Those who adjust their turrets for bullet drop and wind will like the laser-etched turrets, adjustable parallax, and RZR zero stop.

Boy, this thing tracks like a dream. Precision? Check. Accuracy? Double check. And it’s got this repeatability that’s just a chef’s kiss. And let’s talk visuals. This thing’s like watching stuff in 1080p HD – crystal clear, top-notch images.

Long-range targets? Not a problem, buddy. Extra-low dispersion glass and a 50mm larger objective lens are on the job, gathering light like nobody’s business.

best ar10 scope

And when the sun starts setting, this bad boy still performs. The reticle lights up in these vibrant colors, making my target pop, even in low-light situations. Plus, you’ve got ten illumination settings to play with.

But here’s the snag: the brightness ain’t always playing nice. That hiccup is why I couldn’t push it to the top slots. But hey, if the sun ain’t your nemesis, this one could be a game-changer for you!

And let’s talk durability. It’s tougher than nails! Waterproof? Check. Fog-proof? Double check. Thanks, science, for those O-ring seals and argon gas fill. And that Armortek coating? It’s like putting your lens in a bulletproof vest, shielding it from scratches and roughhousing.

Worried about comfort? Fear not! 3.4 inches of eye relief and a forgiving eye box mean you won’t feel like your face is glued to the scope or that you’re playing some awkward head-tilting game.

The Vortex Viper PST Gen II felt right at home. It’s accurate, lightweight, and balanced – just like peanut butter and jelly with other scopes.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

2. Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 (Best for Beginners)

You say AR-10? I hear versatility, powerfulness, and accuracy! If you’re all about pinning targets with precision and fine-tuning your rifle to suit your hunting style, then allow me to introduce you to the perfect match: the Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 FFP scope. Oh, so versatile!

Now, when it comes to AR10 scopes, the Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 is ideal for target shooting, long-range precision, tactical missions, and, yes, even hunting. What makes it such a jack-of-all-trades? Let’s dive in!

These first focal plane scopes, buddy? They’ve built their name on being as innovative as Elon Musk, as reliable as your morning coffee, and as valuable as a winning lottery ticket. Oh, and they’ve got trustworthiness that’d make your grandma proud!

The Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 FFP scope nails the FFP scope requirements like a pro. Its reticle remains consistent in size at the same magnification levels, ensuring accurate holdovers and windage corrections no matter the zoom.

Talk about adaptability—this scope switches from a refined red-dot style reticle at low magnification for quick engagements to the precision of an Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) reticle at high magnification.

It’s like having two scopes in one!

best scope for ar10

Did I mention ACSS reticle? Indeed! Inside that 30mm tube sits an illuminated ACSS Griffin X MIL reticle, making precision feel like a walk in the park. The lenses? Fully coated for top-notch clarity, and they’re water and fog-proof because, hey, scopes don’t like surprises either!

Zooming? Easy-peasy with a handy movable fin on the magnification ring. Bad Boy? YIKES! Imagine an optic that’s got more zoom ratios than a chameleon has color changes—all crammed into a compact, lightweight, and budget-friendly package.

It’s like getting the latest iPhone at a thrift store price!

Now, how do you go from 1x to 8x and back without feeling like you’re wrestling with a Rubik’s Cube? Enter the SLx FFP scope’s moveable, replaceable magnification ring fin.

And those capped turrets? They adjust in 0.1 MIL increments—precision at your fingertips! Weighing in at 17.09 ounces, it’s as light as a feather (well, almost).

Believe me when I say, these rifle scopes don’t just waltz onto the market; nope, they undergo a rigorous field-testing boot camp. Think of it like putting a tank through its paces to ensure it handles anything—just like these scopes that are built to serve you in every corner of the world.

ar 10 scope

This tough guy—let’s call it the Hercules of low power variable optics (LPVO)—packs in all the goodies: full red reticle illumination, a quick focus eyepiece, and turrets that you can tweak with your fingers, topped off by spiffy new turret caps.

This Primary Arms reticle is your cosmic guide, glowing red like Iron Man’s suit, with crosshairs so fine, they’d make Picasso blush. It’s not just a reticle; it’s a precision guru leading your shots across a cosmic dance floor from zero to a stellar 800 yards.

And the cherry on top? These folks aren’t just selling you a scope; they’re giving you a lifetime warranty. It’s like having a guardian angel watching over your scope like a hawk.

So, in short, this Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 scope isn’t just a scope; it’s your trusty sidekick, your wingman in the wild world of shooting, ready to take on any target, any environment, any day. It’s the Superman of scopes—sleek, reliable, and always ready for action!

3. UTG 3-12×44 (Best Budget)

The UTG Compact Scope? Totally a steal! It’s reliable and precise, and guess what? Wallet-friendly, too! And hey, it’s got your back with a lifetime warranty—talk about commitment, huh? You got it! So, a tight budget? Not a problem, mate!

Innovation, top-notch quality, value-packed, and stellar service—those words define the UTG brand. This particular gem, a 3-12X44 tactical scope equipped with mil-dot, is a perfect match for versatile rifles like the AR-10.

Sitting on the robust True Strength platform, this scope laughs off recoil, guaranteeing steady illumination even during intense firing sessions.

Let’s talk about the showstopper—the Illumination Enhancing (IE) reticle. This isn’t just your basic lit-up crosshair. Nope! With 36 color modes, it’s like a disco party in your scope, adapting to any vibe or setting. Mind-blowing stuff!

Oh, and a shoutout to the colorblind shooters out there—this tech’s got your back. Although let’s talk about the reticle’s waistline—it’s a tad thick. But hey, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor blip in an otherwise fantastic illuminated reticle.

ar-10 scope

The turrets? A tad stiff at first, but they loosen up after a while. Zeroing happens swiftly, and those lockable and resettable turrets? They mean business. At 3X, the view’s crystal clear.

Crank it up to 12X, and it’s a bit like squinting through misted-up glasses. The turrets have no caps, but they lock and reset like champions compared to most of the scopes out there.

With 3-12 magnification, I’ve got the power to reach out to 200 yards. And the parallax? Adjusted with a Side Wheel Adjustment System (SWAT). It’s like having a remote control for precision. Zoom, parallax—this scope adapts to its surroundings like a chameleon at a color-changing convention.

Now, here’s the tiny hiccup—the side focus knob’s a bit tight, playing hard to tune at times. But hey, for the price and the futuristic perks it brings, I’m willing to overlook a little knob resistance.

So, straight up—I won’t compare this glass to a Vortex Diamondback or Primary Arms Silver Series. It does the job with no bells and whistles. Just a simple Mil-Dot reticle, great for estimating distances, especially for rookies.

And hey, it’s not just tough—it’s a beast! With top-tier fully multi-coated lenses and a built-in angled sunshade sporting flip-open lens caps, it’s ready for action. Mount it on your precision AR-10, and voila! Expect it to hold zero like a champ, barely breaking a sweat.

Sure, it’s a tank—shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof right out of the gate. But hold your horses ‘cause it’s a heavy one, tipping the scales at a whopping 25.6 ounces. And lengthwise? Let’s just say it’s like strapping a Pringles can to your rifle—it pretty much nails it.

Now, the surprise package—rings! Yep, this cost-effective scope comes with rings that’ll fit wherever you need ’em. Picatinny or Weaver rails? Covered! Plus, quick release—just twist those latches, and boom, your scope’s off in a flash.

Who knew a budget scope could make a great scope?

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback (Ideal for Hunting)

I call it a no-nonsense friend who just gets stuff done without the flashy show-offs. Instead of bombarding you with features that need a user manual, it hones in on what matters: top-tier performance and rock-solid reliability.

No hand-holding, just straight-up excellence. Simple? Yes. Valuable? Heck yes!

Vortex went all out crafting this rifle scope. At 12.8 inches long, it’s surprisingly compact and rich with awesome features. The scope swanks robust build quality, ensuring it doesn’t lose zero easily, even after enduring rough handling and long-distance travels.

Recoil? Pfft, no problem. Rain, snow, or hail? Nah, this scope laughs at bad weather. Fog? Forget about it, thanks to that internal argon gas that keeps my view crystal clear, even in the stickiest situations.

With all its optics fully multi-coated, get ready for bright and crisp images, even in the dimest lighting conditions. This scope’s daylight game is strong, even when the sun decides to play hide and seek.

best scope for ar-10

The scope does deliver clear visuals across most magnification levels, maintaining solid clarity from 4x to 15x. However, at the max magnification (16x), there’s a dip in clarity, a typical occurrence for many scopes.

The reticle, while incredibly precise, might be challenging to read at lower magnifications due to its first focal plane design. This design makes the reticle size adjust with magnification changes, offering excellent visibility at higher magnifications but potentially tiny markings at lower levels.

While it might not match the top-tier glass quality of more expensive scopes, it delivers consistent and accurate shots from extended ranges, such as 800 to 1000 yards, meeting the needs of the shooters.

Now, hold on to your hats—fast-focus eyepiece! This baby’s perfect for those unpredictable moving targets. Teamed up with that 40mm objective lens, it’s like your eyes have suddenly found a spotlight.

And guess what? The reticle’s on the second focal plane, meaning it doesn’t play games with you as you zoom in or out. Consistency is the name of the game, especially when you’re sniping targets in the far horizon.

Now, here’s the gem: the Dead-Hold BDC reticle. It’s Vortex’s little masterpiece. Familiar yet revolutionary. It’s like having a GPS for your bullets, taking out all the guesswork. No more worries about holdovers or windage—just pure, dead-on accuracy.

And those windage and elevation dials? Pop-up magic. They’re a breeze to use, clicky and precise like your favorite pen clicker.

Those capped turrets? They’re the bodyguards of your adjustments—no accidental changes allowed here! Oh, and the zero-reset option? Absolute gold for shooters bouncing between various distances. Once you’ve got your aim dialed in, just reset it to zero, and boom, you’re good to go for your next target.

But hey, nothing’s perfect, right? Some folks grumble about the parallax playing coy after 50 yards. Sure, it might slow you down a tad, but fear not! Vortex has this all sorted with that genius Dead-Hold BDC reticle.

This scope seems to offer a solid balance between affordability and performance, making it a compelling choice for shooters seeking reliability and accuracy without breaking the bank.

It’s sturdy, reliable, easy-breezy to install, and gets you hunting in a jiffy. Plus, wide magnification ranges? Pure versatility. Trust me, with this one, you can’t miss!

5. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 (Super Durable)

Leupold didn’t hold back when they unveiled the VX-Freedom line at the 2018 SHOT Show. It’s like they brought a whole arsenal of options to the table, catering to every shooter’s dream!

They’ve got a scope for every vision—ranging from 1.5-4x20mm up to 4-12x40mm—each one decked out with a 1-inch main tube and rocking second focal plane reticle.

Leupold VX is a good scope for AR-10 users seeking precision at longer distances. With a midrange combat-friendly 3-9x magnification range and a robust 40 mm objective lens boasting scratch-resistant coatings, this scope promises lasting durability.

At just 1.2 pounds, this solid scope is lightweight, waterproof, and fogproof, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand high-recoil firearms like the AR-10.

ar10 optics

Imagine a scope that’s been fine-tuned and battle-tested to withstand more recoil than you’d believe, like a stunt double in an action movie taking hits and still standing tall. It’s weatherproof, so rain, snow, or heatwaves don’t faze it—this scope is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

And here’s the kicker: It’s not just cheap, it’s the ‘I-can’t-believe-it’s-this-affordable’ kind of cheap. Despite all this awesomeness, the price won’t ask you to sell your kidney. These babies go for anywhere between $235 and $390, depending on which scope setup you fancy.

Let’s talk durability. This thing could survive a round with a grizzly bear. Okay, maybe not, but it’s darn sturdy. Leupold slaps a warranty on it that’ll make you want to pat it on the back and say, ‘You got this, buddy.’

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just tough; it’s like having your secret weapon against the dark. With its Twilight Light Management System, it brings extra minutes of shooting light to your day, allowing you high-quality light transmission and letting you extend your hunting sessions or hit your targets even as the sun bids adieu.

Oh, and speaking of hunting perks, the eye relief on this thing is quite generous. From nearly 4 inches at high magnifications to a solid 5 inches at the lower settings. Oh, it’s like a welcoming hug at 3X and a friendly nod at 9X.

ar10 scopes

The audible clicks of the windage and elevation turrets make adjustments a breeze. But the real gem? The Twilight Max Light Management System. It gifts an extra 10 minutes of shooting light at dawn and dusk, extending hunting sessions or bolstering precision in tactical scenarios.

A minor downside? The a lack of markings on the turrets, so keeping track of adjustments might need extra attention. Overall, it’s a valuable optic offering advanced features and lasting quality.

This scope guarantees clarity even in challenging lighting conditions, adding up to 20 extra minutes of shooting light. Tested to withstand 3x the recoil of .308, it’s 100% weatherproof and boasts precise ¼ MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation, ensuring consistent accuracy.

With models tailored for AR, Rimfire, and Muzzleloader, this scope combines quality and affordability for shooters seeking top-notch performance without breaking the bank.

In a nutshell, it’s the best bud for your AR-10, giving you quality without emptying your pockets. It’s like having a high-tech sidekick for your shooting adventures—reliable, ready, and always up for the challenge!

6. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen III (Best Overall)

Looking for a scope that’s got its act together and won’t budge? The Vortex Razor HD Gen III is your ticket.

It’s got a fancy EBR-7D reticle with 11 illumination levels, making even low-light shooting a breeze. Sure, it’s a bit heavy and could use some integrated throw levers, but hey, it zeroes like a dream.

Vortex’s Razor HD series steps up the game by offering a bit more oomph and obviously a bit more moolah. You’ve got two choices: the 1-10x24mm, great for close-range shooting and hunting, and the 6-36x56mm for reaching out to the stars.

And sorry, Andrew, no fetching pieces of stars for your girlfriend with this scope!

The good glass on these bad boys? Crystal clear. No weird color effects and no blurring, even when you’re zoomed in so much that your target looks like it’s auditioning for a high-def movie.

And the turrets? Super fancy. They’ve got this Micro Adjust Zero thing, which basically means pinpoint accuracy between those quarter MOA clicks.

As for holding zero, this scope survived an alternative “tap test” with a hammer and still held its ground. I earned my respect. It’s got exposed turrets that might accidentally lock when you’re in a hurry—something to watch out for.

The feel of the turrets might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and the parallax knob’s a bit too snug for comfort, especially in frosty weather. Yet, the clarity is top-notch. Long distances? No problemo. The eye relief is a comfy 3.5 inches, and it’s a pleasure to shoot overall.

But hey, it’s got a slick revolution indicator and a zero stop that’s super easy to work with.

Let’s not forget the illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings. You can choose between “light-of-a-thousand-suns” bright or “stealth-mode” off. And the glass clarity? It’s like a vacuum for light, sucking in every photon in the neighborhood. Mirage judging? Piece of cake.

At $3k, it’s in the big leagues. It’s a solid choice for a dedicated long-range rifle, but remember, no scope caps are included. For now, it’s holding up well, but time will tell if it’s really worth its hefty price tag.

Yet, confident enough to take it to competition and those long-range hunting adventures.

In addition to the top scopes for the AR-10, consider enhancing your setup with the best red dot magnifier on the market, offering unparalleled clarity and precision for both close and long-range targeting.

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen III

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Choosing a Best Scope for Ar10

Consider these key areas when purchasing a scope for your AR-10.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

best ar10 optic

When scoping out the perfect AR-10 scope, remember two key things: glass clarity and the reticle. Clear glass means a vivid target view, which is crucial for long-range shots.

As for the reticle, it’s your shooting guide, so choose one that suits your style, whether it’s basic crosshairs or more intricate mil-dot or BDC designs. Aim for a reticle that’s your ultimate partner in hitting the mark!

Eye Relief

Eye relief is a critical factor when choosing an AR-10 scope. It refers to the distance your eye needs to be from the scope to see the entire field of view comfortably.

Longer eye relief is essential, especially for high-caliber rifles like the AR-10, as it prevents recoil-related injuries and allows for a more forgiving shooting experience.


When it comes to the AR-10, it’s like having a rifle that’s part race car—speedy and packs a punch! Naturally, its partner in crime, the scope, has to be tough enough to handle that recoil rodeo.

If your scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the superhero of materials, it is going to spend a long life with you. If it’s tough as nails, enduring every recoil tantrum like a stoic champ, you are winning in life.

So, for the AR-10, scopes need to be built tough—like, “I’m handling your recoil, no sweat,” tough!

Magnification & Parallax

ar 10 optics

When diving into the world of scopes for your AR-10, magnification plays a key role. It’s like picking the right lens for a camera; it affects how far and how clear you can see. For this rifle, I suggest sticking around a 40 mm objective lens size.

Why? Well, a smaller objective lens means less bulk on your rifle. Think of it like finding the perfect balance—enough zoom without making your AR-10 feel like it’s wearing a top hat.

Aah, parallax! It’s like the optical illusion of shooting. It happens when the reticle appears to shift against the target when you move your eye behind the scope.

A scope with a parallax adjustment helps correct this, giving you a clear, accurate shot regardless of your eye’s position. For an AR-10, having a parallax adjustment can be a game-changer, especially for precise shooting at various distances.


In the quest for the ideal AR-10 scope, armed with this knowledge, you’re now equipped to make the perfect choice—whether you’re hunting, competing, or enjoying a day at the range.

The Vortex Razor HD GEN III stands as our top pick for the best rifle scope for AR10, boasting superb glass quality, varied reticle options, and excellent value, and it is backed by an unmatched Vortex warranty.

For those using a 308 caliber, selecting the best .308 scopes can significantly improve accuracy and performance, making it an essential consideration for AR-10 enthusiasts.

Yet, every scope here excels in performance. I’ve tested them thoroughly, and I guarantee they’ll enhance your shooting experience, just as they’ve done for me. Happy shooting!

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