The Best Scopes For .308 in 2024 [Long Range Shooting]

best 308 scopes

There is no denying the fact that a scope makes it easier for the shooter to hit the target precisely. No matter which gun or rifle cartridge you prefer to use, connecting them with a scope will surely elevate your shooting experience.

One of the most preferred rifle cartridges out there is the 308 Winchester! From the armed forces to the regular hunters, the 308 is loved by those opting for long-range shots. Adding a long-range scope further makes it an appropriate arsenal for target shooting.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the best 308 scopes to showcase a great performance for target acquisition.

6 Best .308 Scopes

Here are some of the best 308 scopes you can choose from to elevate your hunting experience:

1. Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Riflescope (Super Light & Portable)

The Leupold vx 3i is a great rifle scope for a 308, as it is designed to connect well with moderate to long-range shooting. As a matter of fact, as the 308 goes as far as 800 yards, this scope surely helps make the long-range shooting efficient.

Looking for a lightweight option with a lifetime guarantee? There is nothing better to have in your stash than the Leupold vx 3i!

What truly sets it apart from others is its objective lens. Being 40 mm in capacity, this lens augments the ability of the shooter to view the target precisely.

Coupled with it is the Duplex reticle, which adds visibility and great precision to the overall shooting experience. As its center is pretty fine, it increases the accuracy of viewing the target.

The dials attached to this scope are quite accurate, and it won’t take you much time to make the right-side parallax adjustment. This makes it a great scope for hunting purposes when you don’t want to miss out on the target.

The manufacturers have wisely used the 6061-T6 Aluminum material in the composition of this scope. It doesn’t only make it appear attractive and stylish but also gives it the feature of durability.

best rifle scopes

Longevity is surely one of the best features it comes with, as you don’t have to replace the scope with a new one for many years to come!

Love shooting in low-light situations? Not a problem! This scope ensures you outperform others in medium-range shooting. The Leupold vx 3i efficiently zeroes in on target for this caliber perfectly. The 3.5×10 power range of this high-density glass with DiamondCoat 2 is a great addition. It makes you view your target clearly!

The power range of this Leupold scope is 3.5×10, which is no less than impressive! You can opt for a lower magnification setting as per your requirements.

Last but not least, the Leupold vx 3i is one of the most durable scopes you can ever get your hands on. It’s not only shockproof and fogproof; even if it falls in the water, it won’t be affected by the liquid! Once you get your hands on it, it will stay with you for many years! Meanwhile, learn how to mount a scope here!


  • Finger Click makes windage adjustments easy
  • Offers quick target acquisition
  • Light in weight
  • Impressive performance in low-light conditions


  • Comes with a 1″ tube
  • No reset option with the turret
Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Riflescope
Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Riflescope

2. Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50mm (Extremely Durable & Sturdy)

Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50mm

Is long-range shooting your forte? Get your hands on the Vortex Viper HST, and you’ll never regret it!

With the 30mm tube, you can easily eliminate the problem of windage or the effects of wind current in hitting the target precisely. Its windage turrets are easy to adjust and take just a few seconds to manage.

The objective lens is impressive at 50 mm. This means it allows abundant light transmission, ensuring precise shooting experiences during low-light conditions. The magnification setting is flexible, and you get the impressive quality of 6 – 24 x through this scope.

This Hard Anodized finished scope is definitely a long-term partner for the hunters. It is not only extremely stylish in appearance but can also endure a lot of pressure and hits. Hence, its durability is not questionable! Weighing merely 22.6 oz, it’s pretty easy to carry around.

best budget scopes for 308

Alongside this, the scope comes with O-ring seals, which ensure that moisture from the environment doesn’t make its way into it.

Let’s talk about the clarity of glass for this scope now. With the extra-low dispersion glass, this can be regarded as an exceptional hunting scope. The anti-reflective coating on the glass further ensures precision in aiming during short-range or long-range shooting experiences.

The parallax adjustment starts from 50 yards and moves on to infinity! The parallax removal process is pretty easy, thanks to the adjustments you can make from the side focus.

Regarding the reticles, you can choose from two options: Reticle VMR-1 MRAD and Reticle VMR-1 MOA. These options, however, are not illuminated! The second focal plane scope ensures correct wind drift when you set it at the highest possible magnification setting.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum coating gives it great durability
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Side Focus makes adjustments easy


  • Eye relief is not very impressive

3. Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm (Great First Focal Plane Scope)

Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm

If you are looking for a scope that is fuss-free and extremely easy to use, there is no better option than the Leupold Mark 6. This one works well even for those who have just started their shooting activity and are still in the learning phase.

Thanks to its amazing front focal plane, it is a great long-range scope. The FFP reticle ensures that the size through the scope doesn’t change to any external change.

As a matter of fact, even if you alter the scope’s power setting, there will be no change in the elevation of the reticle. This augments the chances of a new shooter hitting the target precisely, even at longer ranges.

Another great thing about this Leupold scope is the amazing magnification it offers to the users. The 6:1 zoom ratio is definitely something many other scopes don’t offer. With this great magnification power, the image gets clearer six times than the original image. You can adjust the zoom ratio as per your needs and requirements.

best scope for a 308

One more feature that sets it apart from other scopes is a class-apart Optical System. It provides extensive light transmission for low-light situations, ensuring excellent clarity and target achievement.

The glass has a glare reduction setting; even if the external situation is modified, you can view the target clearly. Its minimum magnification power is 03, while the maximum is 18. Similarly, the eye relief in Low Magnification is 3.8, while at high magnification, it is around 3.9.

An accidental movement of the dial can affect the shooting efficiency of the hunter. The special ZeroLock system of the Leupold Mark 6 ensures this doesn’t happen. It locks the dial at the current settings and doesn’t let it change until and unless the shooter changes it himself.

No matter which magnification power you choose, this First Focal Plane scope works great in tactical situations as it grows and shrinks with the target itself. Hence, it makes accurate range estimation possible for the shooters.

With a weight of merely 23.6 oz, it’s really easy to hold and carry around. You can manage it with the weight of a rifle quite efficiently.

This scope makes it easier for the shooters to hit their longest shot pretty easily with great precision! It has a better glass than most contemporaries, so it is a trustworthy optic. For competitive shooting, this is definitely something you should opt for.


  • Super light-weight and easy to carry around
  • Fantastic glare reduction ability
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Easy elevation adjustments through the M5B2 adjustment feature


  • The Elevation knob is tough to use

4. Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50mm (Fantastic Long Range Scope)

Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50mm

Over the years, the manufacturers of Primary arms have modified this scope in varied ways, leading to the final output named Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50mm, which is definitely an advanced version of the previous scopes.

The tactical clicks of the scope are really smooth, and the adjustment range is pretty wide. Alongside this, the magnification power that this scope comes with is really impressive at 3X – 18X. It showcases the target at a magnified range of 3 times the actual size.

The reticle type of this scope is MRAD, making it easier for the shooter to measure the distance. It is surely one of the features of the scope that makes shooting the targets quite convenient. As far as it’s about the reticle, you get to choose from three options.

best .308 scope

This scope comes with a long-lasting battery, and you shouldn’t expect it to run out of power while you are aiming for an animal. Alongside this battery, the overall weight of this scope is around 25.4 oz. This is quite an easy-to-carry weight, and if you are up for a big game, this is a solid option to go for.

Primary Arms SL is one scope that lets the users check out even a very minute target with the utmost clarity while hunting, thanks to the Chevron central aiming point. It makes range estimation pretty smooth! As a matter of fact, hitting a moving target gets easier with this scope.

Looking for fast target acquisition? Nothing would help you more than this scope!

A special feature of this optic is a fin on the power ring, which helps the shooter modify the magnification range even while using the rifle.

This is a budget scope, and you can get your hands on it even if you are tight on the budget. It comes with a price tag of $84.99, making it quite an affordable scope. This optic offers a 500-yard trajectory compensation for those who love long-range hunting, which is definitely praiseworthy!


  • Turrets have an extensive adjustment range and zero-stop
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well-displayed fine-aiming dots


  • Not compatible with night vision

5. Burris Scout 2-7x32mm (Ideal Second Focal Plane Scope)

Burris Scout 2-7x32mm

The Burris Scout 2-7x32mm is one of the most trustworthy 308 scopes. What makes it so favorable for hunting is its reticle. The reticle of this scope is Ballistic Plex. This reticle ensures a high level of accuracy and precision. It comes with a very uncluttered design and makes everything appear crisp!

The Second Focal Plane reticle, placed behind the magnification lens, makes this scope a great option for shooting. As it is close to the eye, you can change the magnification as required, and it won’t distract you with the change in scope image. Rifle scopes with a second focal plane reticle make hunting easier.

Its linear field of view is 8 – 23 feet at a distance of 100 yards. This is definitely enough area to view while making adjustments in magnification and hitting a precise shot. The range that this scope offers is truly impressive.

The design of this scope makes it extremely stylish and pleasing to the eyes. Its Matte Black finish is long-lasting and doesn’t chip off like most other scopes.

308 long range shooting

You would be amazed to know that this scope is pretty lightweight! It weighs only around 13 oz, and this is one of the reasons the hunters love it. Its low weight is one of its best features and lets hunters take it around during long hunting sessions and even competitions.

Scared by the parallax, as it can potentially affect your precision while shooting? Well, that’s not a problem with this particular scope. Parallax is fixed at 100 yards, and you can definitely make further parallax adjustments as needed.

The lens, which is made of clear glass, is also one of its stand-out features. This scope comes with high-grade optical glass and is durable and long-lasting. They are large enough for extensive light transmission, which leads to a clear image formation and precise target focusing. Also, the low-light performance with the lens is splendid.

The glare elimination feature further augments the chances of making the right aim! This lens is located exactly behind the magnification ring, so this scope comes with a Rear Focal Plane. For higher magnification, you would have to make some adjustments, which would be provided!

Shooting with a rifle using this scope makes things pretty comfortable. The eye relief it offers is around 12 inches, making it a good scope even while wearing glasses. As a matter of fact, if you like to hunt with both eyes open, this is a great scope for you. Also, you can make precise adjustments to it while using it conveniently!

The Burris Scout 2-7x32mm comes with a lifetime warranty option. This means you can use it without fearing its quality. Whenever something goes wrong, simply get it repaired by the manufacturer.

You can use this scope in all weather conditions! Whether it’s super-foggy or rainy, this optic won’t disappoint you. Being fog-resistant and water-resistant, it is definitely your all-weather friend.


  • Impressive glass clarity
  • Long-range shooting expert
  • Fog resistance through the nitrogen-filled body tubes
  • Precise eye relief


  • Doesn’t come with a lens cap

6. EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x50mm (Long Range Shooting expert)

EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x50mm

If you are looking for a scope that would work great both during the day and at night, there is no better choice than the EOTech Vudu 3.5-18x50mm.

The first focal plane reticle helps with precision shooting. This is the best scope to opt for if you love consistent and continuous shots. As you increase the magnification, the size of the reticle also augments.

However, owing to being an expensive option, you’ll have to pay some extra bucks to get your hands on this scope.

The lens used in this scope is worth talking about! It comes with the XC high-density glass with an effective anti-reflective coating. Its light reflective capacity is also something we should praise here. Being shock-resistant, it can endure pressure quite efficiently.

The light transmission system is wide enough to let a massive chunk of light enter it, ensuring the target’s image is clean and sharp. Hence, it’s one of the best higher magnification scopes available in the market now!

Furthermore, the Red illumination color helps the shooter spot the target even at extreme long ranges. It’s not a heavy scope to carry and comes with a weight of only 33.6 oz. The parallax adjustment is possible through the turret mounted on the sides.

best scope for 1000 yards

The anodized finish of the EOTech Vudu 3.5-18×50 mm gives it longevity and durability. The special coating ensures the scope doesn’t wear out anytime soon and stays with you for a very long period. Though it has an extensive warranty, you won’t have to use it.

It is also water and fog-resistant. Hence, you can easily use it in all kinds of weather and climatic conditions. Another thing about its making that makes it a convenient scope to have is that the rugged design that it comes with reduces the effect of recoil. Even if you are making a close-range shot, you won’t physically be affected by it!


  • Anti-reflective optical coating of the lens
  • CR2032 battery is long-lasting
  • Reduces effects of recoil


  • An expensive option

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a 308 Scope?

Buying a scope for precision shots is not as easy as it may sound. Rather, you need to consider various elements before getting your hands on one. Read on to know what works really well for scopes at different distances.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

Clarity and precision matter a lot when you use a rifle scope to hit targets. Glass clarity refers to how clearly you can see the final image as you see through the scope. This is why it is necessary to have a scope that showcases the least possible flaws and allows you to view the targeted image crisply and sharply.

Reticles, on the other hand, are of varied types, and you need to choose a scope for your rifle that comes with exactly the kind of rifle you want. You can do it with the non-illuminated reticle pattern if you are tight on the budget.

Those that come with illuminated reticles are a little costly, but you can find a good deal with some effort. Duplex reticle, dot reticle, and Leupold are also some options you can go for!

Eye Relief

long range.308

Eye relief is a crucial element to consider while choosing a 308 scope. Simply put, it is the distance between the tip of your eye and the lens of the scope you are using.

If you are shooting at long distances, you need a comfortable level of eye relief to make the right shot! Appropriate eye relief can lead to a fuzzy image, making it almost impossible for you to hit the target.

While getting your hands on scopes that you’ll be using with the 308 rifle, you need to consider a comfortable level of eye relief for efficient shooting experiences.

Certain scopes give eye relief specifically to manage the recoil that comes with this rifle. If you like to keep both eyes open while shooting, a scope offering an eye relief of at least 4 inches would be a good option.

Parallax & Magnification

deer hunting scope

The lack of consistency that a shooter has to deal with while viewing through the scope is called parallax, and it can seriously affect his accuracy. At the same time, magnification refers to the zooming option a scope offers while hunting to see the target properly.

You would need scopes with high magnification powers for long-range shooting at a wide field of view.

The best scope to have in this regard is the one that offers manual parallax adjustment options. This way, you could avoid the confusion that stems from viewing inconsistency.


Obviously, you wouldn’t want to get your hands on something that would break off too soon, and a need to replace it would arise! When looking for scopes, make sure to have one with a lifetime warranty. If not, it must be made of good quality material and shouldn’t be affected by regular wear and tear.

High-quality glass attached to the scope stays intact for a longer period of time. If you opt for hunting activities regularly, the quality of the optic device you are going for would matter a lot!


Getting your hands on a new rifle scope is a tough decision, especially when there are so many options available. If you are in a fix and have no idea which optic device to go for, simply look for the features you would prefer to have in your scope.

This will help you refine your research. Consider important elements like the first or second focal plane, short-range or long-range compatibility, reticle pattern, and weight of the competing scopes while making your final decision.

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