How to Bore Sight a Rifle Scope? The Ultimate Guide to Bore Sighting


Bore sighting is a simple yet crucial process to ensure your bullet hits the target accurately. It essentially aids in aligning the rifle and the mounted scope. Even if you don’t have a scope mounted to the rifle, the bore sight will make sure you can still sight the riffle with the utmost level of precision and accuracy.

Once you are able to bore sight the rifle scope properly, all the confusion regarding hitting the target will fly away in thin air! The end result merely involves the open bore of the rifle as it centers the target with the eyes and does the same through the scope as well.

Let’s go ahead and check out the entire process of bore sighting a rifle scope in detail!

What Is Bore Sighting?

Before you kick-start the process of bore sighting your rifle, you need to properly understand what bore sighting really means and why you should really go for it.

To put it in simple words, aligning the scope with the rifle’s bore is referred to as bore sighting in the world of hunting and shooting.

Once this process is complete, the scope aligns with the center of the barrel, making the target appear clear and sharp.

Following the simple steps, it is possible for the shooter to pre-align the ammunition with the target and hit the aim precisely. It would become possible for him to zero the optical device being used. Now, this can be done with the help of a bore sighter if you are a new hunter. However, experts and pro shooters can easily do this with the naked eye.

all about bore sighting

Boresighting comes with a great advantage: it reduces the amount of wasted ammo. Now, this is surely a massive plus for someone who is tight on the budget and doesn’t want many missed hits! He won’t have to make more than a single shot from the firearm to make sure the bullet reaches the target.

Use a Bore Sighting Device for the Bore Sighting Process

Bore Sighting Process

Boresighting can be done in two ways: either by the shooter himself using the naked eye or with the help of an external device called the bore sighting device. The end result is the same for both: the bore axis of the barrel of the firearm aligns with the target. A special device known as the bore sighter helps bore sighting efficiently. It zeros the iron or optical sights pretty easily!

Before using the bore sight, you must ensure your safety! Your firearm must be empty! If you ignore this point and try to adjust a loaded firearm, it can be hazardous. To further augment your safety, it is necessary to have a rest to keep the gun in its correct position while you adjust it.

Once you pick your firearm, you’ll realize investing in a solid rest makes sense. It ensures the success of your shot while making it easier for you to bore sight the scope.

The boresighter is used after mounting the optic with the rifle. You have to align the scope’s reticle with the bore, and hitting the target would get precise. If you skip boresighting, you will lose the shots even as close as a hundred yards during live ammunition!

To be on the safer side, use the great tool named a bore sighter to make things faster and easier for yourself. No matter whether you opt for the laser bore sighting tool or a collimator; you simply need to place the arbor in the bore. Be extremely careful while doing so, or you may end up damaging the crown.

As soon as this is done, remove the bore sighter and place it safely somewhere for future use. Laser bore sighters are easier to use, and you can keep them in your possession for a long period! They would work with any new rifle scope easily.

What sets laser bore sighters apart from other tools is that they easily fit inside the rifle’s chamber, thanks to their great shape. Once you are proficient at using it, it’s time to learn how to level a scope.

Find the Mechanical Center

bore sighted gun vice

Though the bore-sighter makes everything faster and easier, many shooters don’t have the budget to get their hands on it. If you are one of them, don’t worry; you don’t need a special device to bore the sight. Rather, you can also do it by finding the mechanical center precisely.

Making the right kind of adjustments on the rifle is necessary to hit the aim precisely. Finding the mechanical center means looking for a midpoint regarding the scope’s adjustment range. Once you find and use it, your scope will be able to move in all directions with a great range.

Simply choose a single direction and turn the windage current towards it. Once you do that, count the revolutions precisely and dial it backward almost halfway. You’ll reach the midpoint here and perform the same action on the elevation turret.

Here, you would see the mechanical adjustment range’s center close to the optic, which is the most crucial part of the entire process. Now, you can remove the bolt and look through the bore itself. Here, you can adjust the turrets as required.

How do you Bore Sight Your Rifle Scope with No Tools?

You don’t always require a tool to bore sight the rifle scope. Rather, it is possible without using any tool at all. Though sights are beneficial, there is a unique method through which sighting can be done without any tool, and it’s called the look-through technology.

Start with choosing a target range. Many experts consider the 25-yard distance range to be the right one to ensure precision. Next, you will have to remove the bolt, going ahead and centering the bore and looking down through it while keeping the rifle on the rest.

Now, you can tune your windage knob all the way to the left while keeping the reticle towards the right side!

Laser Bore Sight and the Ease It Comes With

With the laser bore sighter, there comes a laser beam that you can use to adjust the crosshairs of the scope as per your requirements. The laser hits the target’s center, making the shooting procedure precise. All the shooter has to do is hit the laser dot using the bore sighting laser device, also known as the red dot, and he is good to go!

How To Bore Sight Your Rifle Scope

The bore sighted with the laser boresighter or the regular one doesn’t showcase much difference. Rather, they both aid in augmenting the chances of hitting the target precisely.

Final Thoughts

Through the bore sighting activity, the shooter can align the spot of the target and center it with the bore of his rifle in a safe direction.

Hence, he can see the two images when he peeps through the scope with great eye relief. As a result, the two images are zeroed, and the scope and barrel are in perfect symmetry. Once you know this, learning how to zero a scope will get easier!

The laser bore sight puts a laser dot on the target, making shooting hassle-free through rifles and other firearms! What’s the best part? The bore sighter can also be used for other kinds of firearms, and not just the rifle alone for the sight in activity to save time.

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