How to Use Glock Sights? A Complete Guide

how to shoot a glock

Glock sights are phenomenal for a shooter when upping his game in hunting the target with the highest possible accuracy. If you are a new shooter and are still confused about using Glock sights, you will be delighted to know it’s pretty simple!

Glock sights give you a good alignment of the firearm’s front and rear sights. This makes the aim appear more accessible and the hitting precise. Once a proper sight picture appears right in front of you, there is no way you would miss the shot.

This article will discuss how to use Glock sights to your advantage and bring a proper sight alignment between your firearm and the target.

how to aim a glock

What Is Sight Picture?

The concept of sight picture is pretty crucial to understand to ensure accuracy in shooting. It aligns the firearm with the target and leads to a successful shot. The sight picture has four essential elements, including the front sight, rear sight, target, and eye focus.

Together, they aid the shooter in hitting the target as soon as he presses the trigger of the pistol.

The sight picture showcases a symmetry between the sight and target, where the front sight is at the right level with the back sight. Alongside this, there is an alignment between the front sight and the backsight when the former is centered with the aperture to the latter.

Right above the frontal sight is the target that appears clear through the gap you can see between the front and rear sights. As the shooter focuses on the front sight, the frontal sight focus appears clear.

Simply put, we can consider a sight picture to be the image that the eyes of the shooter see through the sight. It could be a focused front sight, a fuzzy sight, or a fuzzy target.

How To Aim Glock Sights?

‘Accuracy’ is the key to seeing the sight picture clearly through the Glock sight; for that, you must aim the Glock ideally! First things first, before you make the shoot, hold the pistol tightly. Bigger guns are tough to handle for the newbies, but holding a pistol properly is more accessible owing to being lightweight.

The three dots in glock sights include the front and back sight, and the shooter has to line up the former with the latter. During low-light situations, the three dots with fiber optics work well.

how to aim a glock

Your index finger should be outside the trigger guard, at one side of the frame. Now, you are ready to take a stable shooting stance by equally adjusting your weight on both feet! Extend your arm and make a straight line of the shoulders, aligning them to the gun. This position would let you be at ease while firing.

Now is the time to apply smooth pressure on the trigger of your pistol while heaving an even and steady breath. Optics can sense your nervousness and lead to you missing the targets. This is the most common reason shooters lose the aim point.

Relax and focus on the target through the Glock sight picture and make the aim.

Once you have made the shot on the correct sight picture, don’t lose your focus! Keep your grip on the firearm and focus on the front sight while ensuring a proper grip on the trigger. This follow-through is crucial for the shot placement and aiming the target again!

how to aim with glock sights

How to Hold a Handgun?

Half of your gun learning will be done if you properly hold the handgun! It’s a crucial element in shooting at a long range and aids in hitting the target right at the point of aim. Start by knowing your dominant hand and making it the hero of your shooting experience!

Wrap the grip with your fingers and make a web of the hand around the grip’s backstrap. This way, your dominant hand will give you reasonable recoil control.

To support the grip from the lower level, use the non-dominant hand. Interlock its fingers with those of your dominant hand and create a straight line using both.

The wrists have to be straight, aligning with the forearms. Once you get pro at holding a handgun in a proper manner, it’s time to learn how to sight in a scope.

How to Hold a Handgun

Considerations for Sighting

Nothing can stop anyone from becoming a top-notch shooter if your sighting experience is top-notch and the dominant hand supports you. However, apart from these, there are other rules to consider for the appearance of the Glock sight picture.

These include:

a. Eye Dominance For Front And Rear Sight Alignment

proper glock sight alignment

Eye dominance, in simple words, refers to the eye that sends an accurate and much more precise image of the target to the brain. Some shooters have their right dominant eye, while others have the left one as the dominant eye.

Knowing your dominant eye is necessary to be precise at shooting.

b. Eye Open or Closed?

As a new shooter, you might be confused about whether to keep your eyes open or closed while sighting through the Glock sights and rightfully so! The use of eyes needs to be optimal for accurate aiming of the target.

Keeping both eyes open will ensure you are aware of the movement around you. It will give you a higher level of safety and security.

Many individuals have their left eye dominant and wish to leverage this advantage for accurate shooting. However, re­lying solely on the dominant eye­ can lead to a phenomenon known as “tunne­l vision,” which narrows the field of view and ultimately affects aiming accuracy.

Whether you use one eye or two eyes for the shoot to be accurate, it should help you use Glock more efficiently.

c. Focus For A Correct Sight Picture

Focus sets a top-notch shooter apart from a regular one, and there is no denying that! Once the shooter sees a correct picture, he must focus on the Glock night sights for that perfect aim. It includes various things, from trigger control to breath control and front sight focus to using the right eye in terms of dominance.

Keeping a relaxed demeanor and avoiding distractions ensures the highest possible focus for the shooter.

d. Sight Holds

One of the most crucial aspects of shooting is sight holds; simply, it refers to the aiming point the hunter prefers while firing. Sight adjustments and sight holds while using Glocks can make or break your track record of hitting the target right at the point.

Whether you use the center hold, Kentucky windage, sub-six-hold, or the six o’clock hold before firing, you should be confident of having a solid grip on your handgun.

e. Factory Settings

Glock sights come with particular factory settings; you should consider them before operating them. This is why it’s always a great idea not to experiment with the factory sights when you are a new shooter; instead, stay with what you are already comfortable with.

Factory Glock sights will aid you in using the handgun efficiently, even during low-light conditions and a long range.

As a standard practice, the factory settings of typical Glocks feature polymer sights. This makes the gun reliable and durable compared to other firearm options.

proper glock sight alignment

Tips and Tricks for Accurate Shooting

Shooting using guns is not just about picking up the firearm and pressing the trigger! Instead, it involves a lot of intricacies. If you are a new shooter, follow these tips and tricks before you aim the target!

Tips and tricks for Accurate Shooting

a. Shooting Rests

Shooting rests are a great resource to have. They, along with the correct Glock sights, would make sure your firearm is always stable while you use it. They also provide you with greater trigger control.

b. Practice with Gun

Get familiar with your favorite handgun, and avoid using any other firearm. With time, you’ll get so comfortable using it that even your weak hand will support you in hitting the point of aim.

c. Learn Positioning

Positioning the front sights is crucial. You need to keep it right in the middle of the rear sight for greater precision and uniformity in the sight picture. While learning how to use iron sights, this tip for positioning the front sights would greatly aid you!

d. Front Sight Focus

glock shooting tips

The front sight focus is as important as the real sight focus. Glock can be a beneficial sight tool if you are able to sight pictures through it accurately and use your trigger finger efficiently. For that matter, keep the symmetry between the front and rear sight uniform throughout your shooting practice.

Final Thoughts

Using the Glock sights precisely would aid you in identifying your target accurately and shooting it with great accuracy. A good sight picture plays a massive role in turning you into an expert shooter and even aids you in competition shooting.

Standard sights come with exceptional features; when coupled with dominant hands, they can turn the tables for the users! It all boils down to aligning two sights, using one eye to see the focal point, and keeping good trigger control to hit the aim!

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